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Customer Success Project Manager Services

Navigating logistics complexities with care so you can focus on what matters most: innovation

Today's increasingly complex — and sometimes volatile — supply chains require a logistics partner who understands your specific needs and can help navigate complexities with care, from project set-up through the entire project lifecycle. Working with a professionally certified Customer Success Project Manager (CSPM), you will experience a best-in-class solution that ensures flawless delivery for your highly complex projects.


A Customer Success Project Manager delivers extra value on complex projects

Examples of where our CSPMs can assist:

  • First time working with World Courier
  • First time cell and gene project
  • Late phase cell and gene trials or approved therapies
  • High value critical shipments
  • Commercial launches involving multiple stakeholders
  • International bulk shipments using specialty logistics and storage solutions across multiple partners

Your fully accredited, professional project manager ensures the best possible experience

World Courier understands that launching new therapies, advanced therapies, and worldwide delivery of high-value shipments complicate your supply chain. Your project manager is your single point of contact, guiding and advising you on the best solutions and managing all the complex details on your behalf.

Applying expertise and an extensive track record: How your CSPM delivers a best-in-class experience


Your project manager is a fully accredited professional (Project Management Professional or Prince2®) serving as a single point of contact with full project ownership — a focused resource supported by our global teams and governed by standard operating procedures (SOPs).


With unrivalled industry, operational, and business knowledge, your project manager expertly coordinates the onboarding and setup of complex projects — from smaller scale clinical to large gene therapy launches.


Your project manager has a proven track record in delivering across multiple business lines and therapies including data orchestration platforms, global packaging, and recharging supply management for complex shipments and temperatures.

Delivering peace of mind - our extensive and consultative approach in unmatched

"We appreciate your advice and support in transporting our intermediates. Thanks to your help, we managed to safely and punctually transport the cargo, to its destinations. Without your flexibility we would not have been able to transport the goods from Porrino to Japan on time. This enabled us to deliver all shipments to their destinations without trouble, allowing the production of our products that will hopefully help many patients in the future."

Head of Logistics CSO Formulation
Technology at Daiichi

Customer Success Project Manager services

Enhanced set-up and onboarding

Includes kick-off meeting and project initiation documentation, preparation and provision of project plans, milestone and timeline development. Ongoing management includes oversight of customized requirements and SOPs, and facilitation of supporting documentation such as statement of work (SOW) and quality technical agreements (QTAs).

Project tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Includes project health metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) including quality management system corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), and deviation reporting and tracking.

Communications management

Includes preparation and provision of customized communications and an escalation pathway between all stakeholders. Ongoing services include project dashboards, regular status meeting cadence, and business review meetings for complete project visibility.

Change management

Includes change of scope, continuous process improvement and optimization through documentation revisions, process mapping, and onboarding of new lanes.

Contact us now to learn how World Courier CSPM services can help ensure flawless delivery of your highly complex projects.