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Delivering peace of mind

We transport your most precious shipments. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Across our global network of dedicated associates, we monitor the safety and integrity of your product proactively. With solutions ranging from ground transport to Next Flight Out, we plan for contingencies so you don’t have to—leveraging local expertise to handle complexities more efficiently. With more than 140 company-owned offices globally, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of a World Courier expert.

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Improving global biopharmaceutical logistics

Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Clinical trial logistics

We design and execute customized end-to-end medical logistics programs for clinical trials in all phases of development, from research to commercialization.

Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapies require coordination of complex interdependencies between stakeholders due to their personalized nature and intricate time restraints.


We improve treatment accessibility by bringing medications directly into patients’ homes, whether for at-home clinical trials or commercial distribution through our medical courier capability.

Commercial supply chain

Leveraging the commercialization expertise of the AmerisourceBergen enterprise, we help increase speed-to-market with healthcare logistics programs customized for your products' needs.
A man pushes a box on a cart down a wide aisle of storage lockers in a pharmaceutical storage depot.

Pharmaceutical storage & distribution

We offer GxP-compliant pharmaceutical storage and distribution services for both commercial and clinical trial applications, with 14 depots positioned strategically in global markets.

Comparator sourcing

If there is any doubt as to the integrity of a drug, it can jeopardize a trial and have significant implications. Leveraging our trusted industry relationships to source trusted products.             

Laboratory logistics

Connect your lab to our hybrid transport service with select integrator partners, you can harness World Courier’s strengths to bring performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness to your central lab’s transport needs.

Temperature controlled logistics 

Our clients are shipping more medical material over longer distances than ever before. A successful delivery is contingent on selecting the right packaging for the specific conditions that will be encountered on the route.
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Industrial solutions

We deliver urgent shipments quickly and securely. And not just pharmaceuticals. We can help replace a critical component, build a custom shipping solution for a prototype or spare part, or ship dangerous goods. 
A smiling woman talks on the phone while looking at her computer.

Providing a different level of care

A smiling woman talks on the phone while looking at her computer.
Our unmatched global network is made up of unmatched people. Our highly-educated customer solutions specialists receive ten weeks of initial training, four of which they spend with a mentor. And with associates in over 50 countries, many of whom are multi-lingual, we can track and advocate for your shipments in the local language and with boots-on-the-ground knowledge of local regulations around the world. Most of all, our associates believe in what we do. Driven by a passion for excellence, our associates call World Courier home for an average tenure of 8 years.  

A smiling woman talks on the phone while looking at her computer.

"Each interaction reminded me why I demand my organization utilize World Courier. I truly appreciate the level of service and expertise that I am consistently presented with."

-Jeff Cannon, Materials Manager, Vical Incorporated

Navigating customs complexities

With mission-critical material in transit, the last thing you need is an extensive delay at customs resulting in a temperature excursion. Together with our specialist internal team at World Customs Brokerage, we plan for every regulatory contingency so that your shipment arrives on time and within range. In addition to staying current with regulatory changes, we can also mobilize our global network of World Courier associates to advocate for your shipment in the local language, and often face-to-face.

A man in a lab coat writes notes on a piece of paper standing in a pharmaceutical storage depot.


A higher standard of compliance

Good practice (GxP) guidelines help businesses make products that are safe and fit for use. All parts of our business, from transport and storage processes to our depots themselves, comply fully with GxP standards. Unlike some logistics providers, we implement GxP requirements based on their strictest possible interpretation.

Streamlining the supply chain

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Our Tracking Technology

Our proprietary ordering, tracking and inventory management solutions provide meaningful insights and visibility at all touch points across the supply chain.
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Global Depot Network

Our 14 GxP-compliant depots are strategically located in global markets and offer vital services for both commercial and clinical supply chain support, increasing manufacturer reach for global clinical trials.
A cocoon shipping container sits inside a large climate chamber inside CORE Labs.


Our innovative researchers at the Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs respond to customer requirements by developing temperature-control solutions through data-driven research. 

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