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Our Global Courier Tracking Technology

Track your shipment

Increasing visibility and peace of mind

Visibility. Insight. Communication. They drive our operational efficiency and help you sleep at night. Our robust inventory management and tracking platforms enable highly customizable solutions for both commercial and clinical trial logistics. 

Customer Resource Center

Initiate and track shipments

Our Customer Resource Center (CRC) global courier tracking technology provides real-time tracking information for shipments across all our service offerings. Both shippers and receivers can track a shipment’s progress by protocol number, account number, house waybill number, origin, destination or pick-up date. Also, customers with an account can initiate new shipments quickly and easily.
Global Courier Tracking Technology

E-book: Delivering Innovation, Improving Lives

Transporting treatments that your patients depend on

With an increasingly more complex supply chain, how can pharmaceutical manufacturers guarantee that their products arrive on-time and in-temperature?

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Smart clinical trial management

Bio-STAR is a smart clinical trial management system that helps prevent costly shipping issues common to conducting studies. The platform aggregates and shares details ranging from global trial protocols to site-specific instructions, like asking a driver to use a specific door or meet with a particular physician. Bio-STAR also leverages a vast logistics database to optimize transport routes, recommend appropriate packaging and ensure that permits and supplies are in place to facilitate timely deliveries.  

Depot inventory management 

CTM-STAR, our proprietary inventory management and stock control tool, ensures that all materials arriving or exiting any of our 14 global depot locations are fully traceable. With 24/7/365 remote access available anywhere in the world, you will have real-time visibility into stocks per protocol, stocks per depot and distribution shipments to sites. CTM-STAR is CFR 21 part 11 compliant, as part of our strict adherence to quality management standards. 

Customer Integration Services

Leverage technology to drive efficiency

At World Courier, we provide technology solutions enabling customers to integrate with our systems to improve communication, save time and realize operational efficiencies in relation to shipment tracking and new order creation.

Services include –

eContact: System-generated shipment milestone email notifications (no integration required)

ADVtrack Web Service: Advanced tracking service using a variety of criteria including history and date ranges

HWBtrack Web Service: Automated tracking by House WayBill number

DirectOrder Web Service: Facilitates data transfer for order placement 

Find out more about the opportunities available to integrate your systems with World Courier’s Transport Management System to manage ordering and tracking workflows through your own front end.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Investing in our future

We are investing in a multi-platform data integration initiative that will enhance the customer experience across our service offerings. You can expect even deeper data insights, more advanced reporting, and enhanced customer portals for initiating and tracking shipments. The project also integrates several internal systems, allowing our associates and customers to be more connected, flexible and efficient than ever before.