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Advancing medical logistics with unmatched care and dedication

With a global network, specialized packaging, and intimate customs knowledge, we ensure safe and efficient delivery worldwide

Origin stories

Discover the hidden heroes ensuring safe and timely pharmaceutical deliveries

Meet Hans-Peter, aviation enthusiast steering the course of critical medicine shipments

Patient journeys

Stories of resilience, hope, and unwavering spirit

Meet Maria, a resident of São Paulo, Brazil living with Fabry disease. This rare genetic disorder leads to severe complications and significantly impacts her quality of life 

The World Courier difference

We fully understand our customers’ needs and navigate pharmaceutical logistics complexities with care. In countries with limited infrastructure, we identify customs and regulatory requirements. Our premier customer service and full-service solutions enable you to focus on what matters most: innovation.

Largest owned network in specialty logistics

With our expertise in specialty healthcare logistics, we deliver advanced medical courier services. We cater to pharma companies globally, ensuring seamless transportation of critical healthcare products.

Navigating customs complexities 

Our strength lies in our unmatched ability to seamlessly navigate customs complexities. We ensure timely and secure deliveries of critical healthcare product shipments.

Packaging innovation for all temperatures, with continuous investment

Innovative temperature-controlled packaging for diverse climates is our specialty. Our advanced solutions safeguard pharmaceutical shipments throughout their journey. 

Packaging innovation for all temperatures, with continuous investment

Innovative temperature-controlled packaging for diverse climates is our specialty. Our advanced solutions safeguard pharmaceutical shipments throughout their journey. 

Working with an expert medical logistics company

We ensure seamless pharmaceutical logistics by addressing: 

  • Customs regulations
  • Regulatory contingencies
  • Challenging infrastructure in various countries

Thanks to our precision-driven processes, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive solutions, you can trust us with your life-saving pharmaceuticals.


Pioneering global biopharma logistics excellence

Specializing in global biopharma logistics, we are a medical courier with worldwide capabilities. Our goal is to ensure seamless medical delivery of biopharmaceutical products worldwide. With a focus on temperature-controlled solutions, we offer secure and efficient transportation solutions for vital medications, vaccines, and research samples.

Trust World Courier with dependable and specialized healthcare logistics.

Clinical trial logistics

We specialize in creating tailor-made medical logistics programs for clinical trials. At every stage of development, from research to commercialization, we are here to help navigate your complex logistics needs.

Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) involve manipulating cells and genes to treat diseases at a fundamental level, offering innovative medical solutions. These approaches require intricate collaborations among stakeholders due to their personalized approach and complexities.


Our expert medical courier services allow us to enhance healthcare logistics. We improve treatment accessibility by delivering medications directly to patients’ homes. 

Commercial supply chain

We help organizations bring their product to the larger market through tailored healthcare logistics strategies. By scaling up production and distribution efficiently, cutting-edge therapies can be available worldwide on a larger scale.

Comparator sourcing

Ensuring the highest integrity of drugs is crucial to safeguarding clinical trials. By leveraging our industry relationships, we source only trusted products, avoiding risks and preserving the trial’s credibility.

Laboratory logistics

Our hybrid transport services harness select integrators. World Courier brings high-performance medical delivery to your project’s needs.

Temperature controlled logistics

Our clients are shipping more medical material over longer distances than ever before. Successful delivery relies on selecting appropriate packaging for the specific conditions encountered en route.

Pharmaceutical storage and distribution

Our 22 depots are positioned strategically in global markets. We offer pharmaceutical storage and distribution services for commercial and clinical trial applications. We maintain compliance with international guidelines, including good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good distribution practice (GDP).

Third-party logistics (3PL) solutions

Our third-party logistics (3PL) solutions streamline supply chains, outsourcing tasks like transport, warehousing, inventory management, and distribution to help businesses rapidly scale. This boosts efficiency and reduces costs.

Pharmaceutical 3PL outsourced operations

We offer complete order-to-cash (O2C) services. This includes outsourced medical courier services such as customer service, client financial services, and contract management. We go beyond medical delivery to drive excellence in your customers’ experience.

Why choose World Courier?

With our medical courier capabilities honed over decades of experience, we provide  seamless transportation of critical therapies and medicines. We have a global network and can effectively overcome logistical challenges across borders and time zones. This combination of precision, expertise, and global reach positions us as one of the leading pharma logistics companies.

Our pharmaceutical delivery credentials

We earn your trust through our expertise and a wide range of credentials. Holding a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license for distribution and importation, C-TPAT certification, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) distributor licensing, we ensure the highest quality standards in pharmaceutical logistics.

Adhering to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and prescription drug marketing act (PDMA) regulations as well as the code of federal regulations (CFR) Part 11 guidelines, we guarantee the utmost quality and compliance. Our licensing from state boards of pharmacy and national association of boards of pharmacy (NABP) endorsement reflects our commitment as a high-quality pharma logistics company.

Our systems and organization controls 1 (SOC1) compliance attests to our robust controls. We are committed to delivering secure and compliant healthcare logistics. Your life-saving therapies are in capable, reliable hands.

Check out our success stories below.

Success stories

Maria's journey


Maria's journey: How real-time location monitoring ensured timely medication delivery

World Courier
November 2023


Case study: Bangkok team's cool handling of urgent temperature-controlled shipment

World Courier
September 2023



Why location monitoring matters: Amelia's journey with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

World Courier
March 2023

Unlock the full potential of your temperature control solutions with World Courier

Medical logistics FAQ


Does World Courier have tracking technology?

Our robust inventory management and tracking platforms enable highly customizable solutions for both commercial and clinical trial logistics. 
All World Courier-owned multi-use packaging (MUP) assets will become smart with the addition of real-time location monitoring (RTLM) as standard with a phased deployment that started in March 2023. 

What geographical areas does World Courier cover?

Our global network spans across more than 50 countries, with a dedicated team at each location. With over 4,000 skilled and diverse team members, we have a shared commitment to excellence. Our extensive reach is strengthened by a network of 120+ company-owned facilities, strategically positioned to optimize efficiency and service.

Do you have temperature-controlled procedures?

We adhere to robust rugged GDP and GxP standards to deliver products in peak condition directly to patients.

How can I track my orders? 

The Customer Portal is our digital platform that enables customers to easily track and create shipments online. Both shippers and receivers can track a shipment’s progress by:

  • Protocol number
  • Account number
  • House waybill number
  • Origin, destination, or pick-up date

A dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you via phone or email.

What type of reporting do you have for customers? 

Temperature: We offer enhanced temperature monitoring data reporting via an automated, user-friendly email containing all the data necessary for each consignment that includes a World Courier-supplied (Sensitech) temperature monitoring device that we collect upon delivery. Learn more.

Real-time location monitoring: All World Courier-owned multi-use packaging (MUP) assets have become smart with the addition of real-time location monitoring (RTLM) as standard, with a phased deployment that started in March 2023. The adoption of smart packaging will help minimize risk and improve the visibility of consignments in transit to help ensure patients get the quality medicines they need, when and where they need them.

Your Customer Success Project Manager (CSPM): Working with a professionally certified CSPM, you will experience a best-in-class solution that ensures flawless delivery for your highly complex projects. Your project manager is your single point of contact, guiding and advising you on the best solutions and managing all the complex details on your behalf.