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Reduce your patients’ need to travel for treatment

We understand the critically important role that Direct-to-Patient logistics services (DtP) play in maintaining treatment schedules. By reducing the need to travel for treatment, we make it easier for researchers to recruit and retain qualified patients for their studies, and for manufacturers to broaden the patient populations who can benefit from their innovations. 

We also know about the complexity and collaboration required to deliver this service. Our extensive global network gives us the ability to navigate local regulations and restrictions, allowing us to flawlessly transition your trials to a DtP model during COVID-19.

As the industry's partner of choice to enable at home clinical trials and specialty medicine delivery programs, our reach covers:
shipments (apr '19 - mar '20)
STUDIES (APR '19 - MAR '20)

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Improving patient experiences

The recruitment and retention of qualified patients can be challenging: 

— 94% of patients don’t have access to clinical trials*

— 1 in 4 patients drop out before study completion* 

— 78% of patients would find it helpful if IMP were delivered to their home**

However, moving some trial site activities into patients’ homes has been shown to increase recruitment by 60% or more, and typically maintains patient retention at over 95%*. That means Direct to Patient models can help bring your product to market faster, minimize disruptions to patients' lives and expand patient access to the best possible treatment options at home. There are also beneficial Direct to Patient applications for commercial drug home distribution programs, patient sample collections and returns. 

*Medical Research Network

**International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

A visiting nurse assists an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair.

Delivering precision and professionalism

Direct to Patient projects are complex and require collaboration and planning. We coordinate activities with our customers and all involved parties to ensure product integrity is maintained. Deliveries must often be precisely timed to coincide with the patient's availability or nurse home visits. Immediate proof that temperature control has been maintained is required prior to administering medication. Patient samples are packaged for delivery to testing labs. All of this requires the highest level of training and professionalism that clients have come to expect from our associates worldwide. 
Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Medical Research Network (MRN)

Partnering for better clinical trials

With a presence in over 40 countries, MRN’s nurses bring extensive experience in Home Trial Support. They can administer patient treatments via intravenous infusions, subcutaneous injections and oral formulations, while conducting essential procedures such as blood sampling, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic sampling, recording vital signs, administering ECGs, and monitoring adverse events. Find out more about World Courier and MRN's partnership.


Our collaboration offers an integrated clinical trial supply chain that improves the quality and accountability in the transport, storage and dispensing of products while maximising recruitment and retention in clinical trials. 

Direct to Patient Home Clinical Trials

Delivering truly connected care

Cubixx Solutions - our partner within AmerisourceBergen - has developed a smart portable medical grade refrigerator that is ideally suited for IMP storage in the home (or small clinic). CubixxCT offers real-time temperature monitoring, PIN-controlled access and additional visibility into medication use and replenishment needs when optional RFID functionality is enabled. A touch screen can be customized to include nurse or patient instructions, capture symptoms and adverse event data. 
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