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The Cost of Quality in the Specialty Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The True Cost of Failure

At World Courier, we believe that true quality and cost effectiveness are only achieved when the right patient, receives the right drug, at the right time, and in the right condition. We also understand the potential risks when this doesn't happen.

The $35 bn Annual Healthcare Industry Loss* Due to Temperature Excursions Includes

lost product cost

$15.2 bn

root cause analysis

$8.6 bn

clinical trial loss

$5.65 bn

* 2014 annual loss to the healthcare industry.
Source: Cold Chain Shipping Loss in Pharmaceuticals. CargoSense. 

In today's changing landscape, given the extraordinarily high values and innate fragility of biological products, should logistics providers not be held to the same high standards as suppliers within the manufacturing sector?

Two people in lab coats check a digital monitoring device inside an insulated container.

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A World Courier driver delivers a temperature-controlled shipment to a man in a lab coat.