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Environmental, social and governance

We are united in our purpose to create healthier futures.

At World Courier, we improve health and well-being, promote global sustainability, and inspire our team members when we pursue our purpose.

Healthier futures start with the health of our people and planet, so we are committed to building partnerships and operations that benefit society and the environment. World Courier is part of AmerisourceBergen, and we are proud to share the vision for a more sustainable future.

Podcast: What are the keys to creating sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain operations?

In this podcast, we give you the keys to unlocking healthier futures for people and the planet. We speak with two experts in the field - Paula Pulsoni, Senior Director of Clinical Supply Solutions at World Courier, and Giulia Ferrati, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at AmerisourceBergen. We unpack science-based targets, intelligent operations, and how partnership is at the heart of a coming revolution in logistics and supply chains.


Cencora's 2023 report details our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress and commitment to the future.

Partnering with customers to measure the environmental impact.

World Courier offers numerous reusable packaging solutions that provide customers with more efficient, reliable, and sustainable options to transport products. To help customers determine the environmental impact of World Courier's packaging solution versus others on the market, we have partnered with a third party to develop a tool to show the environmental benefits of choosing a World Courier reusable solution. The tool is currently available for our Cocoon packaging solution and will soon be expanded to others.
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Our services and beliefs are aligned through three priorities:


Purpose-driven team members

Our team members work every day to drive performance and maintain a high-impact culture where they can be authentic and have a voice to share their unique perspectives.


Resilient and sustainable operations

Everyone benefits when we operate in ways that respect the earth and preserve resources for the next generation through environmental sustainability.


Healthy communities for all

We work to improve the health and well-being of our patient populations–both human and animal–by investing in communities and partnering with organizations to expand access to quality healthcare and promote health equity.


Case study

World Courier and Swiss WorldCargo collaborate for a more sustainable future in biopharma logistics and airfreight

World Courier

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Why data is key for more sustainable logistics and a healthier future 


Paula Pulsoni, Giulia Ferrati
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Speak to one of our experts about more sustainable logistics solutions.