Temperature Control Solutions

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Execution without excursions

An unbroken temperature chain is essential to both patient safety and product success—and it demands flawless execution in everything from the transport route selected to how the packaging is evaluated, validated and used to maintain product integrity across all conditions.

Building reliable partnerships

Learn how we built a strong, flexible partnership to help a manufacturer transport large quantities of temperature-sensitive specialty product.
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Temperature control throughout the product lifecycle

A World Courier associates delivers a shipment to a man in a lab coat.
Protecting tomorrow's medicine

Clinical Trial Support

With an extensive inventory of secure temperature control solutions, our highly-trained associates can help you select the most appropriate packaging solution for your clinical trial materials. But that’s just the beginning: Our logistics team leverages decades of data-driven expertise to support your program from initial assessment all the way to commercialization, leveraging the power of the AmerisourceBergen enterprise.

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Expanding global reach

Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution

Our 14 GxP-compliant drug depots are strategically positioned to extend the temperature-controlled supply chain into 14 global markets, increasing access for both clinical trials and commercial distribution. No other company in the world has the experienced personnel, global offices and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of your vital medicines.

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Whatever your temperature control needs, we’ll turn impossible solutions into routine.

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