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Temperature control solutions

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Execution without excursions

An unbroken temperature chain is essential to both patient safety and product success—and it demands flawless execution in everything from the transport route selected to how the packaging is evaluated, validated and used to maintain product integrity across all conditions. The temperature control logistics are taken care of.

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Protecting your investment

Packaging solutions

Our clients are shipping more medical material over longer distances than ever before. A successful delivery is contingent on selecting the right packaging for the specific conditions that will be encountered on the route. We offer empirically-validated solutions to ensure the integrity of your materials. Because the value of your shipment is counted not only in currency, but in patients’ lives.
Temperature Control Logistics

Ensuring product integrity

Monitoring solutions

Our smart monitoring solutions provide proof of shipment stability across the supply chain. With sensors for tracking temperature, light, pressure, humidity and tilt, we can transmit verified metrics to the consignee immediately upon delivery. For shipments made via World Courier Ground Europe, sensors deliver real-time data to drivers inside their vehicles, providing an additional level of protection against excursions.

Validating innovation


The researchers at our Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs help evaluate, validate and select the right climate-controlled packaging solutions to meet a client’s specific needs. Equipped with a validated climate chamber, our engineers develop and verify new packaging solutions when customer needs require novel solutions.
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Transforming packaging perceptions


Developed by CORE Labs, Cocoon is a pallet-sized passive solution that maintains temperature up to 40 percent longer than primary competitors while weighing up to 30 percent less. This powerful combination of lower weight and higher performance eliminates the need to sacrifice quality for cost. 

Case study

Packaging innovation reduces DELO's carbon footprint and creates process improvements

Discover how World Courier supported DELO as they worked to develop a sustainable supply chain through packaging and transport efficiencies, resulting in significant process, cost and environment improvements.
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Temperature control logistics throughout the product lifecycle

Protecting tomorrow's medicine

Clinical Trial Support

With an extensive inventory of secure temperature control solutions, our highly-trained associates can help you select the most appropriate packaging solution for your clinical trial materials. But that’s just the beginning: Our logistics team leverages decades of data-driven expertise to support your program from initial assessment all the way to commercialization, leveraging the power of the AmerisourceBergen enterprise.

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Expanding global reach

Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution

Our 22 GxP-compliant drug depots are strategically positioned to extend the temperature-controlled supply chain into global markets, increasing access for both clinical trials and commercial distribution. No other company in the world has the experienced personnel, global offices and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of your vital medicines.

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Temperature Control Logistics


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Whatever your temperature control needs, we’ll turn impossible solutions into routine.

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