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Temperature control solutions

An unbroken temperature cold chain when transporting drug products is essential to both patient safety and product success. It demands flawless execution in everything. A transport route is selected for how the packaging is evaluated, validated, and used to maintain product integrity across all conditions. Temperature-controlled storage and logistics are essential for drug product integrity.
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World Courier temperature control solutions

Compliant temperature controlled storage

Our 22 GxP-compliant drug depots are strategically positioned to extend your climate-controlled supply chain into global markets. This increases access to both clinical trials and commercial distribution.

Customized solutions

We build solutions around your needs. Leveraging custom, proprietary, or third-party climate-controlled containers, shippers, and packaging. Our packaging experts draw upon decades of experience. They use this to create tailored approaches that ensure that your shipment arrives on time, intact, and within range.

Global reach

We have staff located around the world in 120 locations. With our monitoring solutions to track your shipment, they can quickly and easily intervene before excursions occur and protect your product.

Choose World Courier for climate controlled storage

We provide a fully integrated solution designed to support pharma’s value chain. This enables us to deliver tailored healthcare logistics solutions that increase efficiency and enhances patient care. From a global network of depots, we combine ambient, refrigerated, frozen, deep-frozen, and cryogenic storage technologies. We can support temperature ranges from +25°C to -190°C with safe and secure shipments with qualified packaging.

  Deep-frozen and cryogenic storage capabilities
  Global temperature controlled storage facilities and logistics
  Proven methodologies and validated technologies
  Order-to-cash financial management (in selected regions)
  Climate controlled shipping


Custom climate-controlled packaging

Our clients are shipping more medical materials over longer distances than ever before. This signals a need for climate-controlled storage and temperature-controlled warehousing. A successful delivery depends on selecting the right packaging for the specific conditions that will be met on the route. We offer validated solutions to ensure the integrity of your materials. Because the value of your shipment is counted not only in currency but in patients’ lives.
Temperature Control Logistics

Monitoring solutions

Temperature Control Logistics
Climate-controlled packaging must be continuously monitored. Smart monitoring solutions on our temperature-controlled packaging provides proof of shipment stability across the supply chain. Customers can track a shipment’s progress through our Customer Portal.
Temperature Control Logistics

Clinical trial support 

With an extensive inventory of secure temperature control solutions, our highly-trained associates can help you select the most appropriate temperature-controlled packaging solution for your clinical trial materials. But that is just the beginning: Our logistics team leverages decades of data-driven expertise to support your program from initial assessment all the way to commercialization, leveraging the power of the Cencora family of companies.

Pharmaceutical climate-controlled storage and distribution

Our 22 GxP-compliant drug depots are strategically positioned to extend the temperature-controlled supply chain into global markets. This increases access to both clinical trials and commercial distribution. No other company in the world has the experienced personnel, global offices, and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport, and delivery of your medicines. We also support a global network of 18 liquid nitrogen (LN2) Charging Centers, in addition to more than 100 Charging Stations.


Core features of World Courier

Extensive research and testing 


The researchers at our Climate Optimization Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs help evaluate, validate, and select the right climate-controlled shipping packaging to meet specific client needs. Equipped with a validated climate chamber, our engineers develop and verify new medical logistics solutions when customer need novel solutions.
A man wearing protective gloves and glasses opens a cryogenic shipping container.

Innovative design


We are committed to being a high-quality medical delivery courier. Developed by CORE Labs, Cocoon is a pallet-sized passive solution that maintains temperature up to 40 percent longer than primary competitors while weighing up to 30 percent less. This powerful combination of lower weight and higher performance eliminates the need to compromise quality for cost.

Why choose World Courier?

Helping you seamlessly deliver innovation, we stand out among pharmaceutical logistics companies, going the extra mile to ensure supply chain efficiency, maximum return on investment, and enhanced patient care.

We manage the storage, transport, and distribution of your most precious innovations, monitoring the safety and integrity of your product proactively, ensuring it reaches patients without delay. We plan for unforeseen events so you don’t have to, leveraging global capabilities and a network of dedicated team members with local, on-the-ground knowledge to navigate logistics complexities. Our innovative distribution services are customized and scalable to fit your product’s needs.

company-owned facilities globally
countries with dedicated teams on the ground
team members

Our pharmaceutical delivery credentials

We ensure compliance with international guidelines, including GxP-compliant depots and good distribution practice (GDP). 

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement helps minimize risk and facilitate sustainable process controls, increasing efficiency and optimizing the supply chain for our customers. This is maintained across our services, from packaging through to our temperature-controlled storage facilities.

Each and every temperature controlled storage facility is assured with system-wide regulatory compliance. We hold ourselves to a high standard because our customers deserve nothing less, with a range of certifications, including:

  • GDP compliant
  • National and State Board of Pharmacy licensed (where applicable)
  • WHO good Distribution practices for pharmaceutical products, TRS No. 957 Annex 5
  • EU Guidelines on good distribution practice of medicinal products for human use (2013/C 343/01)
  • USP <1079> Good Storage and Shipping Practices for Drug Products, US Pharmacopeia
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 Part 11 compliant

World Courier success stories

Case study: packaging innovation reduces DELO's carbon footprint and improves processes

Discover how World Courier’s packaging innovation transformed DELO's global distribution of temperature-controlled medicine. Addressing the life-changing potential of these medicines and the massive logistical challenges, we streamlined processes, reduced environmental impact, and delivered significant cost savings."
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How to place a medical delivery with World Courier

At World Courier, we've simplified the shipping process to provide you with a seamless and efficient experience. Our user-friendly system is designed for your convenience, making it easier than ever to manage your orders.

From the initial order placement to tracking your shipments, every step is designed with you in mind. With our easy-to-download forms and direct email communication, you're always in control of your shipping needs. Plus, our customer portal provides a comprehensive platform where you can manage addresses, set alerts, upload documents and more.

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Temperature control solutions FAQs 

What is temperature-controlled logistics?

Temperature-controlled logistics is the management, storage, transportation, and delivery of products within a fixed range of temperatures. This can also be also referred to as cold chain logistics.

What is cold chain versus temperature control?

‘Cold chain’ involves maintaining a constant low temperature for sensitive goods, like vaccines and medicines, from production to use. ‘Temperature control’ is broader, managing any situation where certain temperatures are maintained, such as in a temperature controlled storage facility.

What are the benefits of our temperature controlled services?

We move innovation forward by designing and executing world-class logistics processes and temperature-controlled storage for the biopharmaceutical industry. We meet the constantly evolving shipping requirements of clinical trial logistics and commercial drug logistics to increase speed-to-market. Our approach is backed by commercial logistics that are customized for your products' needs, along with our proprietary network and extensive global footprint.

Unlock the full potential of your temperature control solutions with World Courier