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Solving impossible challenges routinely

No matter what you need to move or where it needs to go, our associates are available 24/7/365 to customize industrial solutions and emergency parts logistics to meet your most challenging deadlines. We have vast experience in the automotive, ship building, technology, oil & gas industries. 

What we transport

With no weight, size or value restrictions, we can customize a transport solution for just about anything. Whether you’re replacing a critical component, need custom packaging for a fragile prototype, or shipping dangerous goods, we deliver decades of experience in time- and temperature-sensitive secure transport.

Expertise serving key industries

We specialize in the transport of time- and temperature-sensitive shipments for components across industries, including agrochemicals, aircraft-on-ground, automotive, food, high-tech, and oil and gas.

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Industry spotlight:

High Tech

In the world of high tech, the failure of a critical component can mean lost contracts, lost customers and lost profits. Only World Courier has the track record and experience to handle your high-tech shipping needs quickly and reliably. With no restrictions on shipment weight, size or value, we can customize a solution that protects your investments. And when complications do arise, we have boots-on-the-ground knowledge in over 50 countries to adapt quickly and mobilize contingency plans effectively. 
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Providing 24/7/365 support

When you contact any of our 140+ global offices with an urgent request, we mobilize quickly. Our specialized team works with you to understand critical dependencies and shipment requirements, while developing proposed timelines and optimizing shipping routes. With industrial solutions ranging from Next Flight Out and on-board couriers hand-carrying your shipment, to a chartered aircraft, we provide the tools that consistently deliver the most important thing of all—your peace of mind.  
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How World Courier supported a mission to outer space

We move the pieces that move your business. Even when the final destination is the final frontier.

Clearing logistical hurdles

Our associates offer expertise in handling complex documentation and regulatory requirements all over the world. With more than 140 company-owned offices operating 24/7/365, we can mobilize contingency plans quickly anywhere in the world. That means if your shipment is delayed in customs, our local experts can expedite the import/export process in the local language. Above all, we keep you informed every step of the way.
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You're out of time. We're here to help.

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