Commercial Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

From molecule to market

We are your trusted partner for the secure transport of commercial drugs throughout the product lifecycle. With decades of experience executing complex logistics programs, our expansive reach gives us the flexibility to support your entire manufacturing network across global markets, providing end-to-end visibility and security when transporting everything from API to high-value commercial products.

Sourcing and Manufacturing Logistics

Secure your business continuity with sourcing and manufacturing logistics solutions from World Courier. With increasingly tight temperature control requirements, high value inventory and complex manufacturing processes, partnering with the right logistics provider is critical for on-time market launch.   

Execution without excursions

Our diverse portfolio of temperature control solutions offer increased flexibility for your pharmaceutical supply chain.

Packaging solutions

With a variety of active and passive solutions available in a range of sizes, our temperature control experts help you find the right shipping solution to maintain your product's requirements throughout its journey. That means that for unpredictable, demand-based supply chains, we have the flexibility to ship low-volume, high-value drugs in appropriately-sized containers quickly and efficiently.


Cocoon, our proprietary passive shipping solution, is revolutionizing the transport of pallet-sized shipments. Qualified for 168 hours of temperature stability, Cocoon increases your access to global markets. And since Cocoon was developed by our very own CORE Labs, we are independent from external thermal container contractors—leading to considerable cost savings and flexibility that we pass on to you.


Through our Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs, we provide on-demand qualification data for any solution you need tested—driving decision making and supporting regulatory and GxP compliance. That means you can choose the most cost-effective solution for your transport route, without compromising the safety and efficacy of your product.

Estimate the financial impact of an incident for your business

Incident Calculator

Temperature excursions and delays with APIs, safety samples, semi- and finished product shipments result in financial and time costs for manufacturers. But how do you quantify this loss in real terms and what impact does your logistics provider’s performance have on the result?
Cell and Gene Therapy

Tailor-made solutions

Cell and Gene Therapy
We understand that building a strong partnership demands a complete understanding of—and alignment with—your business goals. Our clinical trial expertise enables us to provide our customers with individualized solutions regarding flexibility, pharmaceutical supply chain visibility and security, no matter if it is a single dosage or a bulk shipment. That means a commitment to improving global health with custom programs driven by a thorough assessment of risk factors and a focus on the integrity of each shipment. It also means dedicated account managers for every customer and a collaborative approach that helps you maximize the financial return on your R&D investments, instilling confidence in our ability to help you meet business objectives. 
Cell and Gene Therapy

Case study

Rescuing a launch

When a major manufacturer first brought a high-value drug with a strict temperature requirement of +2°C to +8°C to launch, they partnered with a classic freight forwarder. But when temperature excursions resulted in lost product, World Courier was asked to step in and support select intercontinental lanes. Due to our flawless execution and successful navigation of complex customs requirements, we were considered for additional lanes, and our responsibility for initial supply became a regular pharmaceutical supply chain.
Two people in lab coats take a reading from a digital monitor inside an insulated package.

Commercialization support from AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen’s family of companies delivers unmatched commercialization expertise. Whether leveraging market access and reimbursement support from Xcenda, or wholesale commercialization and distribution support from ICS, our portfolio of services will help increase your speed-to-market and drive your ultimate goal—improving global healthcare.

Cell and Gene Therapy

As more cell and gene therapies move through clinical trials and advance toward a commercial launch, innovators must overcome unprecedented regulatory and logistical challenges. In many cases, this will require redefining established approaches within many areas of commercialization. As the logistics partner in over half of active cell and gene therapy studies, we’ve refined a patient-centric supply chain model that employs extensive contingency planning and communication to ensure unexpected complications don’t impact your deliveries.

Direct to Patient Services

In Australasia, we support patient adherence programs through commercial Direct to Patient services. Employing a patient-centric logistical model, these manufacturer-sponsored programs ease the burden of care by administering life-saving treatments where patients are most comfortable, in close collaboration with home health providers. Our associates leverage monitoring solutions to provide proof upon delivery that environmental requirements were maintained throughout transport, ensuring product safety before administration. 
A woman in a heavy coat writes notes while checking a digital monitor in a storage depot.

Quality beyond compliance

A woman in a heavy coat writes notes while checking a digital monitor in a storage depot.
Quality begins with strict adherence to global GxP standards. But for highly-complex, high-value shipments, there is zero room for deviation or failure. We strive for ‘quality beyond compliance’ at the global level to ensure even greater attention to detail and a single-minded focus on perfection. 
A woman in a heavy coat writes notes while checking a digital monitor in a storage depot.



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