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Managing API throughout the supply chain

Secure Your Supply Chain

Secure Supply Chain for Raw Materials, APIs, Excipients and Intermediates 

Secure your business continuity with sourcing and manufacturing logistics solutions from World Courier. With increasingly tight temperature control requirements, high value inventory and complex manufacturing processes, partnering with the right logistics provider is critical for on-time market launch.                                                                                                                                                                           World Courier designs supply chains for raw materials, APIs, excipients and intermediates. Our offering includes both transport and storage and there is no requirement too small, short or complex for us. With the highest levels of temperature control performance (99.9% of shipments without incident), our solutions reduce supply chain risk and unplanned costs. 


Bespoke Sourcing and Manufacturing Storage Solutions

World Courier's offering includes the short term storage of APIs, API-intermediates, drug substances and drug intermediates. To avoid temperature excursions and delays our short term storage solutions can bridge the time between scheduled manufacturing slots and overcome capacity constraints Additionally, we have the ability to store samples for QC release/testing. 
World Courier Temperature Control Solutions

Case Study: Transporting and Storing High Value API Shipments

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