Clinical Trial Logistics

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We’ve developed a propriety network and global footprint that meets the constantly evolving shipping requirements of clinical trial logistics today. When you’ve invested valuable resources into developing a product that improves global health and pharma logistics, you deserve a partner that treats your patients and shipments as well as you would, at every step.

Customized support

Every clinical trial is unique. And no one can customize a product delivery program quite like we can. Our associates offer expert guidance on pharma logistics and storage solutions tailored to fit the needs of your product and your patients.

Global depot network

Supply chain optimization and regulatory compliance demand more than safe and timely transport. Our fully GxP-compliant storage depots exceed the most demanding industry standards for clinical trial logistics, inventory management, and high level pharma logistics. 

Navigating customs regulations

Our associates help minimize risk to clinical trial materials by anticipating customs regulations before crossing the border. When complications do arise, our expert staff are available around the clock to help expedite the import process, all while maintaining our exacting compliance standards.

Our global reach

Across all our 140 global offices, our associates implement consistent, trial-specific SOPs to maintain GxP compliance. That also means we’re positioned to implement contingency plans around the clock, and often in the local language, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your shipments.

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Transporting treatments that your patients depend on

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Clinical Trial Logistics

Providing visibility and insight

Clinical Trial Logistics

We’ve built powerful inventory management, ordering and tracking tools that deliver actionable performance data. Our Customer Resource Center (CRC) provides real-time tracking information for shipments across all our service offerings. Customers with an account can initiate new shipments quickly and easily.

Bio-STAR℠ is a smart clinical trial management program that facilitates the communication of study protocols while streamlining permits and optimizing shipping routes and packaging.

CTM-STAR™ is our depot inventory management system, which gives clients 24/7/365 visibility into stock location and temperature. That level of visibility not only gives you peace of mind, it also facilitates clinical trial processes with multiple dependencies.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Case study

A sponsor relied on their existing courier partner to handle temperature-controlled shipments to a number of countries in Southeast Asia

The sponsor shipments reached a temperature deviation rate of 50% and the existing courier was unable to advise on the cause of the excursion.

A new specialty courier was sought, the sponsor contacted World Courier to ask for our assistance to analyze the data and temporarily take over the handling of shipments.

We worked with the sponsor to analyze the temperature data collected and the type of temperature controlled packing used, determining the package originally selected was not suitable for the hot and humid climate in Southeast Asia.
We recommended an alternative packaging solution and also specific shipment handling procedures, including localizing the language on the handling labels pasted on the box.

World Courier handled and delivered over 50 shipments using the new packaging and protocols with no temperature deviations recorded.

Personalizing the supply chain

Direct-to-Patient trials

Meeting patients where they are

We are revolutionizing clinical trials through direct-to-patient services including delivery of medication, pickup of specimens and drug/ancillary supply returns. By bringing life-saving treatments directly into patients’ homes, we help ease patient recruitment and retention.
Direct to Patient Home Clinical Trials

cell and gene therapy trials

Anticipating the next frontier

As more cell and gene therapies move into clinical trials, we’ve helped secure the supply chain for these promising, yet logistically-demanding treatments. Each life-saving shipment is customized for a single patient, making anything less than flawless execution and delivery unacceptable.
A World Courier associate in a lab coat packs a box for shipment surrounded by shelves.



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