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Developing your advanced therapy supply chain

World Courier is the market leading Logistics Platform Developer, managing time sensitive and temperature-critical shipments, supported by highly specialized and dedicated teams focused on supporting your advanced therapy solutions.

Our Logistics Platform has been managing critical shipments for advanced therapy developers since 2005, through a network of over 140 offices and a single quality system. This enables shipments of live cells across international and domestic boundaries, whilst ensuring cell viability and transport security, even when x-ray is not allowed. We currently manage everything from donations (e.g. tumour, apheresis and bone marrow) through critical blood samples to the delivery of final therapies.

How we work with our partners

Collaboration is essential to the creation of clinical and commercial scale logistics platforms. In order to support therapy developers, we have integrated systems and technology with a number of key partner organizations.

Keep updated on the latest supply chain insights

Read the latest Cell and Gene Therapy specific articles, white papers and peer reviewed papers from World Courier and a range of logistics leaders.  

Utilize our patient-centric model

To manage post treatment monitoring, there is a need for nurses to collect blood samples in patients’ homes and send them to specialist laboratories for analysis.

Direct to Patient is an established service that manages the delivery, as well as collection (Direct-from-Patient), of samples at patients’ homes. The necessary confidentiality systems are in place and our drivers liaise with onsite nurses to manage the delivery of critical shipments.

A visiting nurse assists an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair.

White Paper: Logistics by Design 

Develop a framework to optimize your supply chain

Logistics by Design is a peer reviewed framework that supports decision makers within the supply chain. Using a risk based approach, logistic platforms can be redesigned to meet the needs of patients at clinical and commercial scale. 

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Our global cryogenic charging locations


To support the growth of the advanced therapy solutions industry and enable more patients than ever before to be treated with these life-changing therapies, World Courier can charge across its network of more than 140 offices globally.

By utilizing its global network, World Courier helps advanced therapy companies build robust logistics platforms that support the clinical development and commercialization of therapies to meet patient treatment needs.

Find out more about these locations and how they can benefit your organization.

With lives in the balance, you deserve a logistics partner with a proven track record of reliability and commitment to flawless execution.

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