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Personalizing the supply chain

Executing the logistics of cell and gene therapies is a challenge like no other—after all, if you cannot deliver the therapy to the patient, its efficacy is irrelevant, as the patient receives no benefit. For your patients, the stakes have never been higher. As your logistics partner, our record of flawless execution has never been more valuable. Discover how to partner with World Courier and access our global logistics platform. 
In a recent phase II cell therapy study, we delivered:
THERAPY-critical shipments
global destinations
on-time delivery TO SITES

E-book - Tomorrow's Medicine: Curing One Patient at a Time 

Transporting hope

When a 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome—a rare “childhood Alzheimer’s” that would gradually rob her of language, mobility, and eventually her life—there was no known cure. Still, her family spent two years in voluntary quarantine to prepare for an experimental gene therapy study with the potential to cure her disease. Read more about how we support these potentially groundbreaking treatments in our e-book, “Curing One Patient at a Time.”
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Helping realize the promise of cell and gene therapies 

Leveraging the power of our global network

Partnerships built on experience

What do we bring to a partnership? In a word, ‘experience.’ Experience in all the areas that extend beyond the patient or microscope and are not innate to the clinical team. Experience with airlines and customs in every part of the world. With permits and licensing requirements in a dynamic global regulatory environment. As a partner in your study, we bring experience managing thousands of details to enable the successful completion of every shipment.
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With lives in the balance, you deserve a logistics partner with a proven track record of reliability and commitment to flawless execution.

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