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Cell and gene therapy

Advanced therapy solutions

Our full-service logistics and storage solutions help you seamlessly deliver innovation.

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) represent the leading edge of biomedical research. Autologous and allogeneic cell, gene, and tissue therapies are transforming healthcare and are demonstrating dramatic results. Approvals of autologous CAR-T therapies such as Kymriah, Tecartus, and Yescarta and allogeneic treatments including Rethymic and Alofisel reinforce the exceptional advancements in this space.

CGT sponsors must carefully consider every aspect of their development and manufacturing journey as early as possible to ensure their discovery can be approved and commercialized with minimal delay. The logistics — of development, clinical trials, and the therapy’s commercial stage — are a key part of this planning. However, CGT therapies come with unique logistic requirements that add complexity and risk to their supply chains. Understanding the end-to-end supply chain of CGT as early as possible is critical to ensuring risks can be mitigated before they cause delays in getting a treatment to patients.

World Courier designs tailored logistics solutions to fit your CGT supply chain requirements.


Cold hard facts about cryogenic cell and gene therapy logistics.

Study confirms developers seeking logistical certainty and cold-chain integrity from providers with advanced cryogenic capabilities.

Building your cryogenic supply chain

How we develop trust and consistency


Supporting advanced therapy solutions


We've been supporting advanced therapies since 2005 and deliver multiple shipments annually to more than 2,000 clinical sites.       
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Temperature solutions   

Safe and secure shipments with qualified packaging, supporting temperature ranges from 2°C to -190°C. We also support a global network of 12 LN2 Charging Centers, in addition to more than 100 Charging Stations. 
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Our global network       

With over 140 World Courier offices in more than 50 countries, you can be assured that your precious shipment stays within the hands of a World Courier expert at every step. 
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Quality systems             

World Courier is the first logistics company to attain global GDP certification against three major GDP standards. Each and every shipment follows a dedicated SOP process throughout the network. 
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Scalable solutions           

From managing the logistics of a clinical trial to developing your platform to reach commercial success, see how our technology keeps your shipment safe.    
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World Courier difference

Highly trained and specialized teams have been developed to ensure the safety of your shipments, no matter what the unique challenge may be.        
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How we work with our partners

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Collaboration is essential to the creation of clinical and commercial scale logistics platforms. In order to support therapy developers, we have integrated systems and technology with a number of key partner organizations.
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Keep updated on the latest supply chain insights

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Read the latest Cell and Gene Therapy specific articles, white papers and peer reviewed papers from World Courier and a range of logistics leaders.  

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A visiting nurse assists an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair.

Utilize our patient-centric model

A visiting nurse assists an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair.

To manage post treatment monitoring, there is a need for nurses to collect blood samples in patients’ homes and send them to specialist laboratories for analysis.

Direct to Patient is an established service that manages the delivery, as well as collection (Direct-from-Patient), of samples at patients’ homes. The necessary confidentiality systems are in place and our drivers liaise with onsite nurses to manage the delivery of critical shipments.

A visiting nurse assists an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair.

Navigate logistics complexities with a certified Customer Success Project Manager

Today's increasingly complex — and sometimes volatile — supply chains require a logistics partner who understands your specific needs and can help navigate complexities with care, from project set-up through the entire project lifecycle. Working with a professionally certified Customer Success Project Manager (CSPM), you will experience a best-in-class solution that ensures flawless delivery for your highly complex projects.

White Paper: Logistics by Design 

Develop a framework to optimize your supply chain

Logistics by Design is a peer reviewed framework that supports decision makers within the supply chain. Using a risk based approach, logistic platforms can be redesigned to meet the needs of patients at clinical and commercial scale. 

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Our global cryogenic charging locations



To support the growth of the advanced therapy solutions industry and enable more patients than ever before to be treated with these life-changing therapies, World Courier can charge across its network of more than 140 offices globally.

By utilizing its global network, World Courier helps advanced therapy companies build robust logistics platforms that support the clinical development and commercialization of therapies to meet patient treatment needs.

Find out more about these locations and how they can benefit your organization.


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Whitepaper: Key Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapy in China

Alex Guite
World Courier
November 2020

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Connecting Advanced Therapies to Patients across Canada

Simon Ellison
World Courier
February 2020

Savsu Lid


Article: Connecting Cryopreserved Therapies to Patients

Volker Kirchner
World Courier
October 2019

With lives in the balance, you deserve a logistics partner with a proven track record of reliability and commitment to flawless execution.

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