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Cryogenic transportation services


Cryogenic transportation is a complex, yet vital process in the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring temperature-sensitive medical supplies and pharmaceuticals reach their destination safely and effectively is no small feat.

At World Courier, we simplify this process, providing reliable cryogenic transportation services that meet your needs. Read on to learn more about the intricacies of cryogenic shipping, including its challenges, solutions, and how our services can make a difference. By the end, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of cryo-shipping, and why it is an integral part of modern healthcare logistics.

Cryogenics explained

Cryogenics is the scientific study focused on the production and behavior of materials at extremely low temperatures, typically ranging from -150°C to -273°C. Its significance extends into various scientific and industrial applications, particularly in healthcare where it plays an integral role in cell and gene therapy (CGT) development. Key applications include:

  • Preservation of biological samples for medical research
  • Cooling superconductors for MRI machines
  • Storage and transport of autologous and allogeneic cell therapies

A comprehensive understanding of these processes is critical in medical logistics, particularly when dealing with time-sensitive cell therapies that require precise temperature control. Cryogenic transportation services like those provided by World Courier ensure these vital treatments reach their destinations safely and effectively.


What is cryogenic transportation?

Cryogenic transportation is a specialized logistics process offered by a cryogenic transportation company like World Courier. This service is designed to safely transport materials that need to be kept at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C. It's critical in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry where maintaining precise temperature control is vital for preserving the integrity of these groundbreaking treatments.
World Courier, with our vast experience in this field, offers reliable cryo shipping and secure shipments using advanced packaging solutions that support temperature ranges from +25°C to -196°C. These include dry shippers charged with nitrogen vapor that maintain internal temperatures between -150°C and -180°C for extended periods, ensuring effective cryo logistics.
Our services ensure that these sensitive therapies are handled with utmost care, keeping them within their required temperature range throughout transit. As a leading cryo courier, we provide real-time location tracking and temperature monitoring which further enhance the security and reliability of our cryogenic transportation services. With years of experience dealing in safe and secure shipments, World Courier plays a pivotal role in the global CGT industry offering superior cryo-shipping solutions.

How we can help

A truly global network

We have established a cryogenic cold chain – integrating transport and storage – spanning every inhabited continent. We deliver over 12,000 cryo shipments annually, following our established global standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Support for every stage 

As a trusted cryogenic transportation company, World Courier has been enabling crucial shipments for advanced therapy developers since 2005. We handle everything from initial donations to final cell and gene therapies, ensuring secure cryo shipping at every stage.
Regulatory article 3

Specialist CGT logistics services

Regulatory article 3

We have developed our own CGT logistics services, combining in-house capabilities with an ecosystem of trusted partners. With this network, we have delivered to over 2,000* advanced therapy clinical sites across the world.

*Source: World Courier internal data for 2022 

Regulatory article 3

Dedicated service teams

We have trained customer service teams for advanced therapies that have extensive cryogenic shipping know-how. Because we know the stakes are high, and care as much as you that therapies are successfully delivered.

Why choose World Courier?

As a leading cryogenic transportation company, World Courier excels in specialized healthcare logistics among pharma logistics companies. Our 22 global GMP compliant depots and expertise in cryo shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals highlight our commitment to patient health.

We ensure secure and timely cryogenic transportation within specific temperature ranges, distinguishing us from other providers. Our strength lies in our vast network enabling seamless collaboration globally, making us a trusted cryo courier for complex international operations in the healthcare sector.

countries with dedicated teams on the ground
team members
company-owned facilities globally

Cryogenic transportation — insights and case studies


How cryogenic logistics overcome the low tolerance for deviations of cell and gene therapies

Spearheading advanced therapy research are cell and gene therapies. They are demonstrating dramatic results, with patients by far the biggest beneficiaries. They not without highly-complex logistics requirements though. Discover their unique requirements now.


With landmark approval, spotlight on cryogenic logistics intensifies

Driving regulatory change at a breakneck pace, CGTs continue to shake up regional healthcare policy. Learn what a positive recommendation from the European Medical Agency (EMA) heralds in the scope of cryogenic logistics.

Our pharmaceutical delivery credentials

We emphasize quality and exceed mere compliance to enhance the cell therapy supply chain. Our teams ensure regulatory adherence and risk mitigation via diligent training and communication. We interact with stakeholders on a shipment-by-shipment basis to deliver superior cryo shipping quality that surpasses basic requirements. Rely on us for secure and compliant cryogenic transportation throughout your commercialization journey.

Other international guidelines we adhere to:

  • GDP compliant
  • National and State Board of Pharmacy licensed (where applicable)
  • WHO good Distribution practices for pharmaceutical products, TRS No. 957 Annex 5
  • EU Guidelines on good distribution practice of medicinal products for human use (2013/C 343/01)
  • USP <1079> Good Storage and Shipping Practices for Drug Products, US Pharmacopeia
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 Part 11 compliant

How to place a medical delivery with World Courier

At World Courier, we've streamlined the cryo shipping process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Our intuitive system is tailored for your convenience, simplifying your order management like never before.

From placing your initial cryogenic transportation order to tracking its progress, each step is crafted with you in mind. With our easy-to-download forms and direct email communication, you maintain control over your cryo logistics needs. Furthermore, our customer portal offers a comprehensive platform where you can manage addresses, set alerts, upload documents and more in relation to your shipments.

Cryogenic transportation: FAQs

Various therapies that require ultra-low temperatures for preservation are transported in liquid nitrogen. These primarily include cell-based therapies like stem cells, CAR-T cells, and other immunotherapies.

Additionally, reproductive cells such as sperm and eggs, tissue samples for research or transplantation, and certain pharmaceuticals are also transported using liquid nitrogen (dry shippers) due to their sensitive nature and the need for cryopreservation.

Cryogenics, which involves substances at extremely low temperatures, can indeed be hazardous. These hazards stem from the potential for rapid expansion and extreme cold of cryogenic substances. If mishandled, they can cause injuries like frostbite or even explosions.

However, these risks are well-managed when you partner with a reputable cryogenic transportation company such as World Courier. We have stringent safety protocols while adhering to strict good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines. They ensure the safe and secure transport of temperature-sensitive items like biological samples or cell therapies, maintaining their integrity throughout transit.

A cryogenic container is a specialized type of equipment designed to hold and transport substances at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C. These containers are used in various industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to safely transport temperature-sensitive materials such as cell therapies or biological samples. World Courier offers state-of-the-art cryogenic containers as part of our comprehensive cryo shipping services, ensuring that your sensitive shipments remain secure and at the correct temperature throughout transit.