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Temperature monitoring data - service enhancements

November 2022


Dear Customers,

We are excited to announce our latest service enhancement as we continue to strengthen our digital capabilities in pursuit of the optimal customer experience and patient outcomes.

Over the following weeks, we will roll out enhanced temperature monitoring data reporting via an automated, user-friendly email containing all the data necessary for each consignment.

The automation of this reporting will expedite the provision of temperature monitoring data for consignments that: Stayed within specification throughout the transit; and included a World Courier supplied (Sensitech) temperature monitoring device that we collect upon delivery.

The system automation and integration proprietary World Courier transportation systems will also mitigate the risk of data entry inconsistencies, eliminating the need for manual data entry and presenting the critical shipment data in a single repository, including the customer references #, house way bill (HWB) #, pickup and delivery details, and temperature profile.

We understand the criticality of such data to verify the integrity of each consignment in compliance with industry standards, meaning the solution has been validated as per 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP V industry standards.

There will be no change to how World Courier shares monitoring data for a consignment that experienced a temperature deviation.

Additional information can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section below or by contacting your World Courier representative.

Please be assured that we are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading service, and we would like to thank you for your continued partnership.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


How will you receive the emails?

Customers will receive automated emails from:

Please check your junk email folder or firewall settings should you not receive the automated emails.

There is no change to the individuals or team mailboxes who we send the data to. Should you wish to include additional recipients please do so when creating the booking via the customer portal or in consultation with your customer service representative.

What will the emails look like?

An example of the automated email is shown below.    

Temp monitoring 

Please note: All temperature probe reading times are displayed in Greenwich mean time (GMT)

Timely provision of data is useful, although are there additional benefits?

Yes, in addition to the timely provision of data, the solution also improves the quality of data by eliminating the need for manual data entry by our team members. Once the job is created in the transport management system it pushes the need for packaging and a temperature monitoring devices (TMD) to the Operations (Ops) team and their X-Act (packaging inventory management) solution. The Ops team scan the barcode on the shipping system and TMD linking the two units at origin. When the probe is downloaded following delivery, the system recognizes the serial number, links the data with the job, and pushes the data directly to the email recipients.

Will the new process apply to all temperature monitoring devices (TMDs) supplied by World Courier?

No, the initial release of this solution will automate the provision of data from Sensitech TMDs only. Sensitech devices are the standard solutions offered by World Courier for most temperature ranges, although are not commonly used for Liquid nitrogen dry shippers. 

Is the same process applicable if the customer supplies their own Sensitech TMD?

No, the workflow is triggered when the order is created with the instruction for World Courier to supply a temperature monitor and connects with the X-Act system to link each probe with the specific consignment.

Will temperature monitoring data from global positioning system (GPS) enabled Sensitech monitoring devices be supplied via the automation?

Not initially, although an efficient means to manage the data generated by GPS enabled TMDs is in development.

Can the system be configured to supply the standard portable document format (PDF) temperature monitoring report or TTX data file?

No, although should you require the data in these formats, please ask your usual customer service associate and they will be able to supply the documents in these formats.

Is the integration and process automation validated?

Yes, the solution has been validated in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP V industry standards. The associated documentation is available for review in accordance with World Courier standard procedures (CORP-QA 002).

I understand the provision of data for consignments that travelled within specification will be automated, but how will I be notified if the consignment experiences a temperature deviation?  

Any TMD that experiences a temperature deviation between the time of collection and the time of delivery will trigger a separate workflow and be handled manually, as is the case today, meaning you will receive the data with an email explaining that a deviation occurred, our preliminary assessment of what caused the deviation and next steps. If a deviation occurs prior to collection or after delivery it will be automatically excluded by the system and an automated email will be generated.

Is it possible to configure the automated emails so the times are shown in the local time zone?

No, the system does not permit the automated provision of data in different time zones. When designing the system, we needed to standardize the time zone, so we chose GMT as a universal standard on the basis that origin and destination for consignments are often in different time zones.    

How will consignments containing multiple probes or multiple pieces be handled?

Please see the following example of a report generated for a consignment that contains two pieces and TMDs. The specific temperature monitor serial number is listed alongside the serial number of the temperature-controlled packaging solution it was allocated to. 


Temp monitoring

What happens if a consignment utilizes two different types of temperature probe?   

If a shipment includes both a Sensitech and non-Sensitech TMD. E.g., Elpro, then the system will not automatically send any results to avoid separate emails being sent to the recipient. The recipient will receive a single, non-automated email containing the data from both TMDs and any applicable narrative.