Comparator sourcing

Generic or branded drug acquisition

Moving medicine forward

World Courier’s Comparator Sourcing solution is tailored to meet manufacturers’ need for product integrity, simplicity, and fair pricing to source branded or generic products for use during clinical trials or other research initiatives

If there is any doubt as to the source or integrity of a drug, it can jeopardize a trial and have significant financial implications. Leveraging our trusted industry relationships, we only obtain comparator products directly from drug companies. We offer access to U.S commercially available branded, generic, and specialty drugs for study use, and ancillary items for clinical trials and research.

How we work

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Fast and practical

Our dedicated team provides a fast, predictable response to quote requests, usually within one to two business days.
Temperature Control Logistics


All products – comparator drugs, adjunctive therapies, co-meds and rescue meds – are transported in temperature controlled environments with active monitoring to ensure product integrity.
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With our expansive reach, scale, and industry leadership position, we leverage our proven logistics history to simplify comparator drug access across the U.S. 


Our parent company, AmerisourceBergen is an ADR (Authorized Distributor of Record) for nearly all commercial drugs with an intense focus on quality assurance.
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Fair Price

We buy comparator drugs through AmerisourceBergen’s established sourcing network, ensuring you receive fair, transparent pricing.
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We can provide transportation through World Courier or use your designated courier – the choice is yours. 

Our specialist comparator team

As the only wholesaler with a specialist comparator team, our service removes the need for manufacturers to source products from several places – allowing clinical trials to progress with efficiency and speed. Our short supply chain (particularly if the innovator is utilizing 3PL services) reduces the possibility for delays in trial completion while ensuring product integrity. 

Because we buy product directly from the drug originator, through AmerisourceBergen’s established sourcing network, we can provide cost-effective and transparent pricing that helps our clients better manage the costs of trials.
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