May 14, 2019

World Courier Enhances Distribution Capabilities & Customer Platforms to Help Move Medicine Forward, Celebrates 50 Years of Global Specialty Logistics

LONDON (May 14, 2019) – Building on its 50 years of global specialty logistics services, World Courier, a part of AmerisourceBergen, has expanded its commercial third-party logistics (3PL) storage and distribution services at 11 of its 14 pharmaceutical depots. World Courier also continues to invest in its technology transformation to enhance customer experience, quality assurance and operational efficiencies.

“For half a century, World Courier has been an innovator in specialty logistics with unmatched expertise, global reach and supply chain execution,” World Courier President Sam Herbert said. “The expansion of our infrastructure now enhances our support for partners’ clinical trial and commercial 3PL needs, providing the desired flexibility and security for a manufacturer’s entire product journey. This, coupled with our tech-driven customer service advancements, enables us to meet the evolving needs of our customers and today’s patients.”

Expanding on decades of operational excellence in the specialty clinical trial space, World Courier has amplified its commercial storage and distribution services and improved customer service capabilities, continuing its leadership in specialty logistics as well as pharmaceutical and patient care. New offerings include:

  • Commercial 3PL Storage and Distribution: 11 of World Courier’s investigational drug depots will now offer customers a full range of services from clinical trial to commercialization. Each location is situated in strategic markets representative of the future growth of global healthcare. These facilities are equipped to support the needs of increased serialization within the industry, linking the chain of custody, harmonizing procedures, and establishing a true standardized network for operational efficiencies. World Courier’s proprietary inventory management and stock-control systems offer manufacturers security and real-time line of sight into the management of their product as it moves from depot-to-distribution. Additionally, World Courier customers will benefit from the resources of market leaders ICS and Innomar, both part of AmerisourceBergen:
    • With over 925,000 square feet of managed warehouse space designed to accommodate products of all sizes, temperature and storage needs across four strategic locations in the US, ICS is the premiere North American partner in 3PL solutions, particularly for specialty pharmaceutical products. It also includes a certified Foreign Trade Zone within its network, which can help manufacturers remain competitive in a global marketplace.
    • Innomar adds another 160,000-square-foot, GMP-compliant distribution and 3PL facility in Canada to the combined AmerisourceBergen reach, offering a range of scalable storage solutions and multiple pick-pack configurations to accommodate manufacturer needs in this growing market.
  • Customer Service Enhancements: Driven by customer insights and ongoing technology investments, World Courier is also launching a new online customer portal to provide partners with key data and insights to manage their products throughout the supply chain as well as support self-service reporting. The new portal will roll out to customers starting in May 2019 and continue over the next year. The portal was created as a part of World Courier’s recent multimillion dollar technology transformation initiative, providing flexibility to support the unique opportunities and challenges associated with highly specialized products. In addition to the portal, World Courier continues to provide real-time GPS and temperature tracking for the latest innovations in specialty medicine, including cell and gene therapies, and direct-to-patient clinical trials. For example, World Courier offers the largest global network of qualified cryogenic charging stations, which enables patients more access to advanced therapies than ever before. These investments ensure that new customer product releases address common pain points and partner needs as they relate to the business of providing specialty logistics services.
  • Continued Innovation: World Courier will continue to test and implement the latest technology and industry best practices. For example, the company will launch a Zero Emission Electric Vehicle pilot program in Frankfurt, Germany. The vehicles will be used to transport passive cold chain shipments and serves as an environmentally sustainable solution to reduce air and noise pollution. Pilot results will influence the fleet’s expansion to markets where World Courier operates.

“As we look to the future, it is critical that we continue to make investments that reaffirm our leadership in operational excellence. We’re in an optimal position to leverage our experience to support customers as they move from the pre-clinical stage through commercialization to market, moving medicine forward for years to come,” Herbert added.

Since founded in 1969, World Courier has built its reputation as the most trusted specialty logistics company in the world. From transporting sensitive documents to healthcare and life changing pharmaceuticals, World Courier has successfully navigated through countless industry shifts and continues to lead and redefine what’s possible through innovative solutions and infrastructure to advance global healthcare.


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