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World Courier Workshop - Russian Customs Regulations

World Courier Facility Frankfurt | Rüsselsheim, Germany

April 11, 2018

We are inviting you to attend our workshop on Customs Regulations in Russia.

Date: Wednesday 11th April 2018
Time: 08:30 to 12:30
Place: World Courier Rüsselsheim, Germany

The Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry is facing several changes that require specialty expertise in transporting sensitive material to and from Russia.
These changes leads to more stringent and complex requirements for the supply chain and those involved, to be able to ensure timely, reliable and safe distribution while meeting regulatory requirements.
In this workshop you will:
- Discover aspects and variables you will need to consider efficiently passing the necessary requirements and avoiding delays
- Receive an overview of practical approaches to handle sensitive samples or products.

Who should attend?
We are expecting pharmaceutical and chemical professionals interested or working with QA, Clinical Trials, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing, Project Management, Product Launch who are interested in learning more about moving sensitive samples and specialty products to and from Russia.

The event is free of charge, breakfast and coffee and tea will be served at the event.

For registration, please contact Claudia Pierenz at or +49 6142 8355 0.