November 3, 2021 - November 4, 2021

Pharma Planet 360

Virtual Event

Date: Wednesday 3rd November - Thursday 4th November

Join World Courier, a logistics and distribution partner, to Pharma Planet 360. Meet us there for this exciting 2 day, virtual event to meet leaders to discuss the key challenges facing pharma:

  • How to provide patients with access to therapy and modern drugs
  • How to efficiently and safely move towards an innovative organization
  • How to adjust strategies to the regulator and changing legal regulations
  • How to engage the client, create an effective mix of reaching channels and measure the effectiveness of SF activities
  • How to ensure the employee's motivation, commitment and wellbeing
  • How to adjust the supply chain to a rapidly changing world
World Courier panel session:

Date: Thursday 4th November

Time: 14:15 - 15:05 CET

Topic: The supply chain of a pharma market company in the VUCA world

Pharmaceutical supply chains have become more complicated. The growth of emerging markets, the development of advanced, personalized therapies, the emergence of leading-edge innovations, and a move towards globalization have all contributed to an increasing level of complexity in storing and transporting pharmaceutical products, at every stage of the product lifecycle.

In order to streamline operations and strengthen your supply chain, you need to plan for every eventuality and find the right logistics partner as early as possible.

Join Paweł Zawarczyński, Customer Service and Operations Manager at World Courier, and experts from Takeda, Komtur Pharmaceuticals, Adamed and ZPHF, as they discuss the ways pharmaceutical companies can tackle complexity and respond to emerging needs as they arise.

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