April 30, 2020

Webinar - Continuity for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain during COVID-19: Implementing a Direct-to-Patient Logistics Model

Webinar Live Event   | 11:30AM IST / 1:00PM TH, ID / 2:00PM GMT+8 /  3:00PM JST, KST / 3:30PM ACST / 4:00PM AEST


Date: 30 April 2020, Thursday

Time: 2:00PM Singapore, China, Malaysia / 4:00PM AEST / 1:00PM Thailand, Indonesia / 11:30AM India / 3:00PM Japan, Korea

Duration: 45 Mins

Title: Continuity of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain during COVID-19: Implementation of the Direct-to-Patient Logistics Model


  • Mike Sweeney, Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics, World Courier
  • Raffaele Laciti, Product Manager, Clinical Trial Supply, World Courier
  • Matthias Wagner, Sales Director, APAC, World Courier
The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge impact on pharmaceutical supply chains worldwide. This webinar examines how Virtual Trials have suddenly become a reality to ensure continuity of supply to patients on critical therapies. World Courier will introduce the robust Direct-to-Patient (DtP) Logistics model and explain how you can leverage these capabilities to maintain the effectiveness of your Clinical Trials.
Our speakers will explain the importance of logistics in successfully implementing a Direct to Patient strategy, even more in the current scenario of limited mobility, while guaranteeing the utmost safety of all supply chain participants, from the drivers to the patients.
Learn how you can respond to the needs of your clients utilizing Direct to/from Patient and Home Healthcare services based on their needs and the requirements of countries in APAC.


Safety, continuity, responsibility: the three principles to which we work to deliver successfully the supplies to patients.
Finally, learn how home healthcare services can respond to the needs of your clients utilizing Direct to Patient logistics in compliance with the requirements of countries in APAC.

The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session with the speakers.


Matthias Wagner
Regional Sales Director, APAC, World Courier
Mike Sweeney
Senior Director, Patient-Centric Logistics, World Courier
Raffaele Laciti, MBA
Commercial Integration Manager, World Courier

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