April 9, 2019

Best Practice in Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chains with a Focus on Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics

World Courier Office, Niederlassung Stuttgart | Stuttgart, Germany 

Date: Tuesday 9th April 2019

Time: 08:30 - 12:15

Venue: World Courier Office, Niederlassung Stuttgart, Tränkestraße 13, 70597 Stuttgart

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Preparing shipments of pharmaceuticals or samples can be daunting, and extensive planning is critical to ensure a smooth logistics experience.  For those initiating, planning and arranging such shipments, it can be very helpful to have insight and understanding of the available services, crucial supply chain processes and temperature control solutions, as well as an awareness of possible challenges that may have to be dealt with.
Join World Courier to discuss the best practices in global pharmaceutical supply chains with a focus on cell and gene therapy (CGT) logistics.

Key Learning Objectives
In this seminar you will learn about:
- Obtaining insight into the key elements that need to be considered when planning and preparing shipments, from the warehouse to the final destination, including GDP considerations and cold chain management
- World Courier's operations in Stuttgart with a practical insight into how to manage cold chain processes such as pre-conditioning of cooling material – gel packs and thermal container systems – for different temperature ranges

Who should attend?
Pharmaceutical and clinical research professionals in Clinical Trials, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing, Project Management, Product Launch who are interested in learning more about logistics for sensitive samples and specialty products.


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