April 2, 2019

Direct-to-Patient Breakfast Seminar: A Patient Model for Clinical Trials

Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park | Gaustadallen 21, 0349 Oslo 

Date: Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Time: Breakfast from 08:30, Seminar from 09:00 to 10:30

Venue: Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park, Gaustadallen 21, 0349 Oslo 

A new approach to Direct-to-Patient logistics highlighting the importance of a seamless supply chain

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In this seminar you will learn:
- The best practices and specifics of Direct-to-Patient logistics including the importance of early planning.
- How to build a robust and patient-centric supply chain
- About the regulatory aspects

Who should attend?

Pharmaceutical professionals interested or working in clinical trials in academia, biotech, and healthcare.


‘Direct-to-Patient: A Patient Centric Model for Clinical Trials’ - Raffaele Laciti MBA, Product Manager, Clinical Trial Supply Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, World Courier

'Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges with Direct-to-Patient’ - Line Saxegaard, Supply Chain Inspector, The Norwegian Medicines Agency


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