March 13, 2019

CellCan Second pan-Canadian Strategic Forum on Cell & Gene Therapy

The Omni King Edward, 37 King St E | Toronto, Canada

Date: Wednesday 13th March - Friday 15th March 2019
Time: 07:30 - 16:30
Venue: The Omni King Edward in Toronto, Canada
Stand Number: 5

Join the World Courier team at stand number 5 to discuss how executing the logistics of cell and gene therapies is a challenge like no other - after all, if you cannot deliver the therapy to the patient, its efficacy is irrelevant, as the patient receives no benefit. For your patients, the stakes have never been higher.

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If you can't attend this event please call 905-362-9462 and discover how to partner with World Courier to access our global logistics platform.

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