Video: Logistics Leaders The New Logistics Picture in Latin America

By Martin Fernandez

What are some of the challenges of shipping into Latin America?

Find out in this short video.

Video Transcript

Manufacturers have become more demanding, day by day, and that gives us an opportunity because we can differentiate from our competitors and at the same time, they force us to improve and innovate everyday.

During the last years, we've received lots of different requests but what I've been handling more were the requests regarding temperature-controlled shipment. The drugs our customers are transporting are much more valuable and they require lots of different ranges of temperature. They're shipping to destinations that are difficult, I would say, in regards to temperature because they are very extreme temperatures. For instance, here in Argentina, it completely changes when you ship during the winter, when you can have temperatures below zero degrees, or when you ship in summer when you can have temperatures that are above 35 degrees.

So we were focusing on what type of solution we can offer to that specific customer, because not the same packaging suits for all, not the same solution suits for all. Infrastructure in Latin American airports is not that reliable, so we really have to monitor every single shipment and make sure, also, that every single shipment is planned in advance and just to make sure we can check with the Importer of Record if they have their import permit in place, make sure that they have the necessary funds to pay the customs' duties, if they have a customs broker assigned. So once we make sure everything is in place, we are ready to tell the other office that they can ship their product.

This is something that we have created for our customers when they become more demanding and they want to ship more urgent, we always let them know that planning in advance, all their shipments, will make better results at the end of the day.

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