Article: How Are Cell and Gene Therapies Challenging Pharma Logistics?

By World Courier

This is the conclusion of our 9-article series on how to choose a logistics provider for cell and gene therapies. In our previous article, we offered performance indicators you can use to measure the success of your clinical trial logistics.

Our goal in this series, as well as the e-book on which they are based, has been to provide insights on current logistics best practices for global cell and gene therapy studies.

As World Courier President John Butler wrote, “While extensive drug discovery has brought important new treatments to market, we are now witnessing a clear shift in focus from high-volume ‘blockbuster’ drugs towards more stratified disease-specific therapies and personalized treatment solutions.”

New cell and gene therapies test the boundaries of science and offer the potential to improve health outcomes — possibly even curing rather than simply treating symptoms — on a patient-by-patient basis.

This re-imagining of medicine and treatment approaches has required the pharmaceutical logistics industry to step up to new challenges as well.

Challenges include the globalization of clinical trials, rigorous temperature control, meeting the regulatory requirements of every country involved in the production, transport and testing of treatments, and the need for a secure chain-of-custody and supply chain at the global level.

These challenges demand additional focus on each and every shipment, testing the limits of many logistics providers’ capabilities.

The question is: Can your logistics partner meet the challenge?

You’re investing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop products to enhance patient care and improve global health. At World Courier, our goal is to provide the high-level logistics performance that only comes with unsurpassed knowledge, global reach, and flawless supply chain execution.

With that level of logistics performance comes your peace of mind.

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