Custom Packaging Solutions

Meeting your evolving requirements 

Whether you need a temperature-controlled container or custom packaging solutions to keep medical materials within range over great distances, or require a custom-built container to protect a delicate prototype, our packaging experts draw upon decades of experience to ensure that your shipment arrives on time, intact, and within range.

Our first preference is always World Courier. We choose World Courier for their dedicated service and ability to provide better options to handle various critical shipments.

MANJUNATHA SWAMI, Syngene International, India

Developing tomorrow's solutions

Transforming volume shipping


Cocoon is a next-generation passive solution built to extend the range of temperature-controlled, pallet-sized shipments. Leveraging the latest developments in VIP and PCM technology, Cocoon provides extended performance without external power or the need to replenish coolant packs. And with zero temperature excursions since launch, Cocoon delivers unprecedented reliability and peace of mind.
A cocoon shipping container with the door open, with cooling gel packs visible inside.


Validating your solutions

The researchers at our Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs continually evaluate custom packaging performance in a state-of-the art climate chamber, providing transparent qualification data for both regulatory compliance, and to drive informed packaging selection. CORE Labs developed Cocoon, which has already transformed temperature-controlled shipping. With other innovations currently in development, CORE Labs keeps medicine moving forward. 
Side-by-side climate chambers at CORE Labs. The closest chamber has the door ajar, and cooling gel packs sit on shelves inside.

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