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Monitoring Solutions

World Courier's Shipment Monitoring System

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Actionable metrics in real time

Technology is only as powerful as the network that supports it. With associates in over 140 global offices, our monitoring solutions will track your shipment in real time, as we are strategically positioned to mobilize contingency plans before excursions can occur.  

Connecting with your investments

Our connected monitoring solutions deliver real-time metrics at every stage of your shipment’s journey, 24/7/365. With solutions approved by over 60 global air freight carriers, we leverage the latest in Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, delivering metrics to our secure, cloud-based platform, whenever and wherever you need them. That translates to greater shipment monitoring supply chain security, and more importantly, increased peace of mind.
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Reliable metrics, delivered

Our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions can track and transmit the metrics your shipments require with precision, including ambient temperature, internal temperature, light, tilt, pressure, physical shock, and geographic location.

Mobilizing our global network

With our highly-connected monitoring solutions, waiting for delivery to know if your materials remained within range is now a thing of the past. With over 2500 associates in 140 global offices monitoring metrics to anticipate complications before they arise, we can dispatch an associate quickly to take corrective action in person, and often in the local language. Whether replenishing a gel pack, or simply replacing a monitor with a low battery, our high-touch connectivity allows us to take simple, corrective measures to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your investments.
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Enhancing supply chain security

Having watchful eyes on your shipment is about more than your bottom line. It’s about protecting the security of your supply chain. It’s about managing the ultra-complex timing of Cell and Gene therapies—ensuring you can administer life-or-death treatments to your most vulnerable patients. It’s about coordinating the safe and timely delivery of IMP with visiting nurses in Direct-to-Patient clinical trials. At World Courier, we understand how high the stakes are. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop our reputation as the most trusted specialty healthcare logistics company in the world. 
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Experience the peace of mind that comes with real-time shipment monitoring, backed by the most trusted specialty healthcare logistics company in the world.

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