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Developing Cocoon

Responsive Innovation

Cocoon, our revolutionary passive shipping solution, was inspired by our enduring commitment to making impossible challenges routine. 

Sam Herbert, President of World Courier, explains how we respond to customer challenges.

Defining a need

World Courier has always been driven by the desire to meet and exceed customer requirements. In 2013, a client needed a temperature-controlled container for a low frozen range with challenging specifications. No solution in our portfolio, or available solution on the market, could fill their requirements. Unable to offer a solution, we started to envision what such a container might look like. From those initial discussions came a design. The design became a concept, and in mid-2014, a first prototype.

We always think, 'Can we make this happen?'

Sam herbert, world courier president

In the summer of 2014, the prototype was tested, and the project green lit. The decision was made to design not one container, but a family of three different sizes, to accommodate any standard pallet size. The production series prototype was built in March 2015, and the prototypes of the other two sizes in January and August of 2016. Each went through stringent performance validation processes and tests were highly successful.

Introducing the first innovation from CORE Labs

In November 2016, World Courier unveiled our new packaging solution for pallet-sized shipments to reduce transport costs and maintain temperature up to 40 percent longer than comparable products. The passive pallet shipper, called “Cocoon,” marked the first packaging innovation from World Courier’s Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs—a science-led and data-driven solutions center launched in 2015 to help pharmaceutical manufacturers make the most informed packaging decisions.
A cocoon shipping container with the door open, with cooling gel packs visible inside.

Lower cost. Higher quality.

With its unique design, Cocoon weighs 15-to-30 percent less than comparable packaging products, covers Euro and U.S. pallet sizes, and supports three temperature range requirements: -15 to -25 degrees Celsius, +2 to +8 degrees Celsius and +15 to +25 degrees Celsius. Cocoon's honeycomb vacuum-insulated panels, coupled with phase change materials, provide a high level of thermal protection and stability for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products throughout long-distance deliveries. For example, a Cocoon unit maintained its internal temperature throughout a 13-day delivery from Austria to Baghdad, Iraq, which included 10 days of storage in uncontrolled warehouse temperatures. 

Cocoon, which requires no external power source during transit, has been transparently qualified by World Courier’s CORE Labs. The CORE Labs solutions center aims to help pharmaceutical manufacturers evaluate, validate and select the right climate-controlled packaging solutions for their specific needs.

See how Cocoon can decrease your shipping costs while increasing your peace of mind.

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