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Climate optimisation research and engineering


Driving innovation

The temperature-control experts at CORE Labs develop and validate innovative packaging solutions, while leveraging experience-based data from our global network to make recommendations that save you time, reduce cost and ensure optimal security.

Side-by-side climate chambers at CORE Labs. The closest chamber has the door ajar, and cooling gel packs sit on shelves inside.

Supporting decades of expertise

CORE Labs is both a physical laboratory (located in Cologne, Germany), and the amassed knowledge of experts throughout our global network. Researchers in the lab use a state-of-the-art climate chamber to validate the quality and applicability of all our temperature-controlled solutions. Their data, backed by decades of field expertise, allow our associates to tailor recommendations regarding the right packaging for the right transport route based on transparent testing.

On-demand qualification data

At CORE Labs, we provide on-demand, transparent qualification data for any solution you need tested. In addition to supporting regulatory and GxP compliance, the results enable data-driven decision making. That means you can choose the most cost-effective solution for your transport route, without compromising the safety and efficacy of your product.

Developing Cocoon

When a client comes to us with a challenge that current market solutions cannot meet, we innovate. In 2013, a manufacturing partner needed to transport pallet-sized shipments within a low frozen range, across challenging environmental conditions. In response, CORE labs developed Cocoon, a passive shipping solution that has revolutionized temperature-sensitive transport. 
A World Courier associate places a cooling gel pack inside the frame of a Cocoon shipper.
A forklift loads a Cocoon shipping container into a climate chamber at CORE Labs.


Article: Introducing CORE Labs

World Courier
October 2015

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