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Delivering maximum reliability and value

Cocoon is the industry’s most dependable and cost-effective passive solution for transporting pallet-sized shipments of temperature-sensitive materials. Having recently been recognized for Supply Chain Transformation at the 15th annual Global Forum Excellence Awards, Cocoon is redefining what’s possible in refrigerated containers and pharmaceutical logistics.  
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Enhancing performance and value
lighter than comparable products
hours of qualified temperature stability
lower cost than comparable solutions

Expanding global reach

Cocoon shipments have originated from over 110 World Courier offices and agent locations, going to over 100 other offices or agent locations worldwide, making Cocoon a truly global solution. As a passive solution, its 168-hour qualification time helps you access markets with unreliable infrastructure—a remarkable achievement considering the rigors of transport and the wide variety of global climatic conditions, clearance procedure durations, and time spent under uncontrolled ambient conditions.
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How Cocoon works in practice

Temperature readout from a Cocoon traveling from Austria to Iraq

Protected by a Cocoon 1350 (which holds two Euro pallets) refrigerated container, this shipment’s internal temperature stayed within the desired range of +15 to +25 degrees C for over 13 days with no replenishment of gel packs and no opening of the unit—despite spending nearly 10 days in a desert warehouse in Baghdad with limited external temperature control.
A graph displays readouts from internal and ambient temperature monitors on a real Cocoon shipment. The shipment was delayed for 10 days in a warehouse in Baghdad, Iraq. While ambient temperatures fluctuated wildly, the internal temperature of the shipment stayed within range for over 10 days.
The blue line represents the external ambient temperature, while the purple and green lines represent internal temperature monitors, which remained in-range for 314 hours.
Responsive innovation

Developing Cocoon

When a client comes to us with a challenge that current market solutions cannot meet, we innovate. The idea that became Cocoon was sparked when a manufacturing partner needed to transport pallet-sized shipments within a low frozen range, across challenging environmental conditions. Our response was a passive shipping refrigerated container solution that didn't just meet the client's needs, it revolutionized temperature-sensitive transport.  
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Data-driven innovation

Cocoon was developed by our Climate Optimisation Research and Engineering (CORE) Labs. Using a state-of-the art climate chamber to test and qualify packaging solutions under a host of conditions, the data collected by CORE Labs enables our associates to provide trusted recommendations based on transparent qualification processes to help clients select the right packaging to fit their requirements.
Side-by-side climate chambers at CORE Labs. The closest chamber has the door ajar, and cooling gel packs sit on shelves inside.

See how Cocoon can decrease your shipping costs while increasing your peace of mind.

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