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Laboratory logistics

Logistics solutions for central labs
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Improved investigator experience and increased cost efficiency 

Managing a clinical trial involves multiple moving parts, including the transport of patient samples and shipments to support this – kits, reagents and medical devices – across various temperature ranges.

Optimal performance in this critical part of the supply chain means that patients can maintain treatment schedules and potential cost impacts are reduced – contributing to the successful completion of a study.

By connecting your lab to our hybrid transport service with select integrator partners, you can harness World Courier’s strengths to bring performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness to your central lab’s transport needs.

Laboratory Logistics offers an enhanced investigator experience with a premium service on either the first or last mile, or both, at a lower price point than the next flight out solution.



Ensuring optimal performance through:

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Packaging inventory

Extensive packaging inventory, backed by data through our Climate Engineering and Optimisation Labs
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Integrated systems and technology with several key partner organizations to support central labs
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Performance metrics

Since our July 2018 launch, 99.9% of shipments have been delivered without incident, with flawless on-time delivery within a specified temperature range


Transforming clinical trials through patient engagement

Learn how companies are working collaboratively with specialty logistics vendors to provide a variety of services that are essential to patients and their well-being.
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World Courier

Global Laboratory Logistics service offering 

A global network for reliable sample shipments

o US, LATAM, EU, and APAC fully deployed 
o The flexibility of collection time to fit in with patient and protocol requirements 
o  Access to World Courier’s storage network and the market-leading services for Direct-to-Patient and Cell and Gene Therapy                              
o Supply of shipping materials – along with customs documentation required to ensure risk-free transportation of patient samples


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Central labs: Improve supply chain performance to increase cost saving

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October 2021

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How can central labs increase investigator satisfaction?

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October 2021

Discover how you can partner with World Courier to optimize the cost and performance of your central lab shipments 

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