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World Courier’s CSS Archiving Project is a massive undertaking, containing thousands of trials and billions of trial data pieces from 14 locations all over the world. With this project in place, World Courier will be able to take client’s trial records and either return them, destroy them or archive them in long-term storage.

Interesting facts about World Courier’s archiving services:

  • About 50 percent of clients choose the long-term storage option for their documents
  • The total length of the archiving project so far is more than 457 times larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica
  • If you laid the pages (8.5” x 11”) end to end, it would stretch more than 2,592 miles
  • The busiest archiving depots are in Brazil, China and Mexico

Depots operated by qualified and approved local vendors in:

  • Bangalore
  • Beijing
  • Bogota
  • Buenos Aires
  • Israel
  • Johannesburg
  • Lima
  • Melbourne
  • Mexico
  • Moscow
  • Santiago
  • Sao Paulo
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo