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Minimize risk so you can focus on moving medicine forward.

You invest hundreds of millions of dollars to develop products that enhance patient care and improve global health. World Courier’s consultative approach to clinical trial logistics helps maximize that investment by transporting your time-and temperature-sensitive shipments securely across all global markets.

With a fully GxP-compliant transport and storage solution in place, World Courier meets the most demanding industry expectations for clinical trial materials used in global studies and the patient samples generated. We have in-depth knowledge of clinical trial processes, offering:

  • Pre-trial coordination with sponsors, CROs, laboratories and site personnel
  • Expert guidance on customs and import license requirements
  • Optimal transport and scheduling routes
  • Shipment of time-critical and temperature-sensitive investigational drugs, samples, APIs, excipients and commercial products around the globe
  • Management of bulk drugs and supplies imports
  • Coordination of patient sample logistics
  • Management of drug return and destruction procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of GxP and quality management standards
  • In-house temperature control specialists
  • Ability to leverage AmerisourceBergen’s commercialization expertise
  • State-of-the-art ISO 9001-certified investigational drug depots that are GxP-compliant
  • CTM-STARTM inventory management
  • Bio-STARSM data management system that integrates and manages all aspects of a clinical trial study, from pre-trial through the last shipment
  • Close contact with local site investigators to review protocol logistics and eliminate potential problems
  • Strict adherence to global SOPs for all temperature ranges
  • Specialized brokerage assistance, customs clearance and delivery of consignments in over 220 territories and nations; pre-clearance whenever possible to ensure the shortest possible transit times

In our constantly changing global environment, customs compliance is more of a challenge than ever before. Customs brokerage has become an increasingly complex part of the supply chain, making it of the utmost importance to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced company. World Customs Brokerage has trained, experienced staff knowledgeable in all aspects of compliance:

  • Current with any and all regulatory changes
  • Licensed Brokers proficient in all types of entry processing and post entry work
  • Classification and valuation expertise
  • Compliance review and consulting services
  • Post entry services
  • Binding ruling requests
  • Protests and Foreign Trade Zone expertise
  • Import bonds and duty drawbacks

World Customs Brokerage is ready to help with staff available around the clock. We have the expertise to quickly move your mission critical shipments through the import process while maintaining high standards of compliance.