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COVID-19 : 리소스 센터 (자료 센터)
COVID-19에 대한 World Courier의 운영 업데이트 및 포괄적인 정보를 확인하십시오.

COVID-19 resource center

Discover insight, advice and support for the biopharma supply chain during COVID-19 

Learn how COVID-19 will impact your supply chain during and after the pandemic with our insights

Whitepaper: Maintaining Business Continuity

The pivot to a direct-to-patient model has shown the resilience of the biopharma sector. But what should the long-term response be?

Whitepaper: Decentralized Clinical Trials and Data Protection

For continuity in decentralized clinical trials, strong, well-communicated safeguards that give sponsors confidence in data protection are required.

Article: Increased Decentralization and Direct-to-Patient Treatment

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to resonate in every sector. Biopharma is no exception. Supply chains have been strained to breaking point. Clinical trials have been suspended or reconfigured. 

Article: Busting Biopharma Supply Chain Myths - Five Ideas that COVID-19 has Proved Wrong 

The pandemic is putting biopharma supply chains under incredible stress, some to an extent that’s never been experienced before. As challenging as they are, these situations can offer learning opportunities for the industry

Article: A Changing Landscape - New Ways of Working

The sheer scale and pace of change brought about by the impacts of COVID-19 are extraordinary, both for biopharma companies and their supply chain partners. The ability to respond with speed and adopt new business practices could be a key driver of success for trial sponsors. 

Whitepaper: The Disruption of the Audit Process during COVID-19

In response to the impact of COVID-19, organizations across all industries are re-thinking processes and establishing creative solutions. A core focus is on maintaining continuity of medical supply.

Webinar on-demand: DtP - The Future of Clinical Trials?

To help our customers work in the changing landscape of COVID-19, we’ve been researching how organizations have adapted their approach and how they believe practices will change moving forwards. During this webinar, we present the results.

Webinar on-demand: Transforming Clinical Trials Through Direct-to-Patient Solutions

In light of the rapid evolution of the situation in Europe and globally, due to the dynamic nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, the enablement of at home clinical trials and specialty delivery programs is now critical.

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