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Veterinary Practices

Helping you maximize the success of your practice

We build lasting relationships with animal healthcare providers through a deep understanding of practice operations, competitive pressures, and strategies to help your business grow.

Maximizing practice success

We build lasting relationships with veterinarians through a deep understanding of clinic operations, competitive pressures and growth strategies. Having been founded by a veterinarian, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the daily operations of your practices, as well as the lives of animals and the people who love them. We’re proud to treat all species and all animal types across the United States while acting as your partner in delivering the best possible care. 





All Species

Get weekly insight into active U.S. veterinary market trends with VetWatch.

VetWatch combines multiple data sources to provide practices and other industry stakeholders with the most comprehensive and timely view of how the COVID-19 situation is impacting local market dynamics for veterinary services and supplies across the United States.

We welcome veterinary professionals to participate in the monthly survey to help provide accurate, real-time information.

Membership programs

Distinct Advantage

As your distributor, MWI provides the products and services you need to optimize your inventory investment. With our Distinct Advantage Program, we help you optimize your investment in the other essential areas of business management. As a thank you for doing business with us, you may be eligible to participate in this loyalty reward program, providing you with access to excellent discounts, or priority access, to a number of services.

Pharmacy services


Vetsource offers seamless service to help owners meet their pet’s Rx refill needs so your practice can do what it does best – care for animals. You maintain continuity of care as the prescribing veterinarian, while leaving the logistics to the team at Vetsource. Learn more at or click below to get started today! 


Our AnimalRx pharmacy facilitates the handling, labeling and chain of custody of prescribed pharmaceuticals for livestock animals, reducing the need for your practice to store costly and bulky items. Our eight pharmacy facilities are located across the United States, acting as an efficient extension of your clinic's service. 

Hagyard Pharmacy    

Hagyard Pharmacy plays a unique role in the continuum of care, specializing in the compounding of equine pharmaceuticals. They assist veterinarians and their clients in finding the most appropriate compounds for the need, and operate within the strictest compliance standards in filling the script.

MWI Financial Solutions

You dream it, we make paying for it easy!

Capital Equipment

Investing in your practice's capabilities by expanding and upgrading equipment generally readily pays for itself in increased revenue and efficiencies. But there is still the matter of paying for that equipment so you can get it into use. Our Equipment Development Specialists are experts at not only helping match your needs to the right equipment solution, but at developing a customized financing plan that best meets your needs.

Practice Investment

Keeping your practice up to date is essential to protecting your brand, maintaining an enjoyable environment for your staff, and providing your clients with an excellent customer experience. Whether you are looking to refresh your physical environment with a newly repaved parking lot and by adding digital signage to your curb appeal, investing in your staff through training and incentives, or creating new marketing campaigns to reach your clients... whatever investing in your future looks like, we can help you pay for it. 

Workflow solutions

Online store

24/7 procurement

Our online store makes ordering quick and easy, and comes with the support tools you need to work efficiently. Strategic sales representatives are available to help you build customized Lists, a set of reusable templates that make ordering and inventory management simple. 


Client Engagement Software

ALLYDVM is the most powerful and customizable client engagement platform in the veterinary industry, built to help solve the most important challenges faced by practices today — client retention and client compliance.


Inventory Monitoring, Ordering and Security

Repleni-Trac is a digital workflow solution for veterinary practices. Repleni-Trac Vault stores controlled substances and high-value pharmaceuticals, electronically records compliance-related data and automates replenishment from MWI Animal Health.


Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

Provide veterinary care to your clients via a telehealth service that offers clinics and pet owners the benefits of AI-driven algorithmic teletriage, remote monitoring, and online consultations.

Premier Pet Care Plan

Preventative Health Care Plans

Premier Pet Care Plan provides a simple, affordable preventative health care plan to help clients meet essential pet healthcare needs.


Digital Check-In for Curbside Operations

Keep clients out of waiting rooms and have them check-in from their own mobile device. SnoutID provides you with your patient’s complete medical history and customized, digitally signed forms.

Third-party integrations

Workflow automation

Let your Practice Management System work even harder for you through automated integrations with our online store. We currently support Cornerstone, ezyVet, eVetPractice, Cubex, Vetter, Vet Space Voyager, Business Infusions HVMS, Signature, Accu-Trac and Vetspire, as well as institutional procurement systems including SAP/Ariba, Sciquest/Jaeggar, Transcepta and Coupa.


electronic dea ordering

The DEA's CSOS program allows you to send your Schedule II controlled substance orders to MWI electronically with a direct, secure and paper-free system. It’s fast, accurate and flexible, with no item limits for a single order compared to the traditional paper form.

Shaping the future of your practice

If you’re an independent veterinary practice owner who’s thinking about retirement and how to ensure the future of your lifelong career investment, our trusted Strategic Services team is here to help. We’re able to connect you with potential investors to help maximize the value of your practice and ensure its path forward.