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COVID-19 : 리소스 센터 (자료 센터)
COVID-19에 대한 World Courier의 운영 업데이트 및 포괄적인 정보를 확인하십시오.

Cattle Producers

Increasing operational efficiency

Our dedicated territory managers and inside sales representatives offer their expertise on animal health products, technology solutions and management systems to help you maximize the long-term success of your cattle operation. We’re here to help you increase operational effectiveness and ensure the safety of the world’s food supply by managing the health and nutritional needs of your livestock.

Technical Services

Our Ph.D-credentialed technical services team is a group of highly-trained specialists who are experts in water quality, integrated pest management, biosecurity and more. They are available to perform tests and offer consultation to ensure the health of your livestock and the productivity of your operation. They also provide expertise in preventative measures and approaches, including evaluation and product recommendations.

AnimalRx Pharmacy

Our AnimalRx pharmacy facilitates the proper handling, labeling and chain of custody associated with prescribed drugs for livestock, helping your operation to increase efficiency and remain fully compliant. Our eight pharmacy facilities are located across the continental United States and offer next-day shipping to most locations. Our team of on-staff pharmacists and technicians are available to provide documentation to support your regular audit processes and operate under the same protocol and standards as human pharmacies.

Micro Technologies

The more than 20 patented technical integrations developed by our sister company, Micro Technologies, help your operation ensure precision nutrition and medicine, as well as prevent waste. For example, their Micro Weigh Systems measure and monitor feed ingredients for precise distribution and provide full nutritional visibility while their Stocker1 Management System allows operations to record information about cattle, feed, processing and treatments, and to access their inventory and current break-even information from any location.

Ordering online

You run a 24-hour operation, and so do we. That’s why our online store has been designed to guarantee quick and easy ordering and provide the support tools you need to work efficiently, without waiting until the next business day. Features such as Lists—a set of reusable templates that make ordering and inventory management simple—as well as promotional notices and order tracking make quick work of replenishing your stock. Additionally, safety data sheets (SDS) and valuable business management reports are available for download to help with recordkeeping and to ensure the compliance of your operation.

QBud Inventory Management

Our integration with QBud technology allows producers to securely store and restock pharmaceutical products with the push of a button. Products live behind biometric safeguards and are monitored with activated cameras to ensure the safety of your product supply.