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COVID-19에 대한 World Courier의 운영 업데이트 및 포괄적인 정보를 확인하십시오.

Manufacturer Solutions

Targeted Promotions Through Multichannel Programs

Tailored messages that integrate into providers' existing workflow so your communication stands out and gets recognized

Trusted partnerships that drive health forward

AmerisourceBergen’s highly targeted marketing programs reach the right audience to maximize product performance and market success. Tailored messages integrate seamlessly into providers’ workflows where they are engaged and ready to act. Multi-channel vehicles deliver your brand, OTC and consumer healthcare, and generics material across all classes of trade.

Promote your brand and specialty products through the BRx Catalog and CustomConnect®

Help pharmacists raise awareness of your products and seamlessly integrate your brand message into customers' workflows so your communication stands out and gets recognized.

Promote your OTC and consumer healthcare products through CustomConnect®

Leverage our expertise and unique access to customers and connect your brand message with relevant healthcare decision makers.

Promote your global generic products through CustomConnect®

Our programs connect your messages with the healthcare providers who influence your item's performance. 

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