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Manufacturer Solutions

Data-backed Insights to Empower Smarter Brand Performance

Robust analytics solutions to propel the life sciences market forward - from driving pre-market research and clinical trials to empowering stronger brand performance—and everything in between.

Empowering smarter brand performance

In the increasingly crowded and complicated pharmaceuticals marketplace, every piece of data counts. From prescribing patterns and payer dynamics to patient, physician, and clinic insights, it's more necessary than ever before that you see the full picture. We can help identify the most effective physician education and marketing strategies to drive appropriate usage of your product. Based on the unique factors influencing the adoption of your drug, we can identify the most tactical contracting incentives to accelerate your brand's market performance.


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Enhancing quality care

To make a positive impact on the quality of patient care, it's important to understand the factors that influence adoption, onset and continuation of care. You can rely on our data to ensure your drug is helping patients live healthier lives.

Increasing market opportunities

With new pressures to show improved patient outcomes, taking your product to market requires more than strong marketing and sales efforts. Our analytics solutions include deep longitudinal patient data to help support your product's mission.

Maximizing your product's impact

Our analytics solutions can help you determine the right strategic tactics to influence awareness and adoption. That includes identifying the most effective physician education and marketing strategies to drive appropriate usage of your product.

Navigating evolving market dynamics

The pharmaceuticals marketplace can be affected by countless external forces. From emerging competitors to regulatory changes, to shifts in reimbursement in your class of drug, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions helps you simulate scenarios so you can be prepared for whatever might come your way.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

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IntrinsiQ is a specialty care intelligence provider that works with life science companies to share consultative expertise and business insights. Our accurate, actionable data helps our clients make smarter decisions, identify market opportunities and maintain a competitive advantage.

Increasing market opportunities

Whether you're a legacy brand with new indications or an altogether new drug, getting to market quickly is absolutely necessary to recoup your investment within today's commercialization model. Beyond marketing and sales efforts, companies now face increasing pressure to prove a product's value by demonstrating significantly improved health outcomes.

Dynamic distribution model

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DynaMoTM, our dynamic real-time product distribution modeling tool accelerates data driven decision making and readiness for unique distribution demands from manufacturers, customers and government stakeholders.  DynaMoTM can track end-to-end distribution each step of the way, from manufacturer to customer, supporting millions of customer targeted allocation scenarios. DynaMoTM enables us to perform the allocation while forecasting and formulating the scenario to best serve our customers and patients.

Transform big data into actionable business insights with CERTIO®

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CERTIO® offers an easier-to-use platform with enhanced analytics to better support manufacturers’ business with AmerisourceBergen. Users will have access to an overview that highlights sales, inventory, and service level as well as more detailed dashboards that identify key opportunities to improve overall supply chain health. Tableau-based dashboards provide greater insight into our distribution network and support proactive communication across organizations. 

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