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Manufacturer Solutions

OTC and Consumer Healthcare Products

The right partner for your products

We work beside you to help market and distribute your OTC and consumer healthcare products.  Our extensive network and promotional programs help your products receive attention and enhance awareness for long-term growth.  We partner with you to extend your reach across all classes of trade, including independent pharmacy, retail chains, health systems, long-term care, and other sites of care. 

We've got you covered

Our versatile, diverse group of consumer product experts is committed to growing your brand across all classes of trade.  We are dedicated to the mutually beneficial relationships we develop with manufacturers—working together to develop solutions that are profitable and sustainable for both our customers and our manufacturer partners. 

Excellence in distribution

At the core of our business lies our state-of-the-art distribution network. Pharmacies and patients benefit from the safest, most secure and efficient distribution system in the industry. As a manufacturer, you benefit from knowing that your products will be on the shelves of pharmacies across the country to meet customer demand. All of our customers benefit from our high-touch customer service, world-class distribution centers and team of responsive experts.

Benefit from our extensive network

An integrated independent pharmacy network

Partnering with us means gaining access to the Good Neighbor Pharmacy® (GNP) network of independent pharmacies, which unites strong independent stores under one brand. Our experts work with thousands of GNP members to help them optimize their OTC and consumer healthcare product portfolio and grow their status as preferred community healthcare destinations.

A far-reaching network of health systems customers

AmerisourceBergen is proud to distribute to nearly 100% of the hospitals in the United States.  In a growing trend, many of those hospitals now contain their own retail pharmacies with over-the-counter product areas.  Partnering with us means gaining access to those pharmacies through regular publications and communications.

Caring for the long-term care facilities

The product options in the over-the-counter space can sometimes be overwhelming for those who don’t specialize in it.  Long-term care facilities and pharmacies have a special need for lasting care that we understand and support.  Through our regular publications and communications, we help these customers focus on the products their patients need the most.

Our solutions

Targeted promotions through CustomConnect

Leverage our expertise and unique access to customers to promote your OTC and consumer healthcare products through CustomConnect, a highly targeted marketing program that leverages our proximity to the customer, connecting your brand message with relevant healthcare decision makers.  Reach our customers through a full suite of print, digital, and in-person options.

Evaluate product sales through TruVuPOS

Our TruVuPOS point-of-sale data web portal provides manufacturers with actionable insights around product performance and gaps in distribution. Manufacturers can access information on shipment, inventory, and purchase orders from our network of distribution centers, as well as POS scan information from our independent retail pharmacies.  You can even review results from the promotions you run through our CustomConnect Toolkit.  

Online marketplace sellers

Expand inventory access and optimize your customer mix 

Gain access to competitive pricing, up-to-the-minute inventory management, and tailored ordering, promotional, and financial solutions, all provided by a one-on-one account services team.
Our partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in the country provide continuous product access and daily deliveries that enable you to meet your customers’ expectations.

Personal customer connections through ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is our annual conference and tradeshow dedicated to the independent retail pharmacy. Normally rotating between Orlando and Las Vegas, the event regularly hosts over 4,500 attendees from our pharmacy partners across the country.  The conference features keynote speakers, must-attend networking opportunities, continuing education, and an extremely popular virtual buying event. The conference also includes an OTC products exhibit hall, continuing education courses, special events, and more.   

Connect with our team

Request a discovery discussion with our experts:

Jessica Donati, Vice President, Consumer Products
Paul Warren, Director, Consumer Marketing