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COVID-19에 대한 World Courier의 운영 업데이트 및 포괄적인 정보를 확인하십시오.

Clinical development phase

Tracking inventory, managing clinical trial protocols, and leveraging provider reach

When to start planning: up to 24 months prior to launch

The suite of services needed at this stage includes everything from access to targeted provider networks to temperature-controlled, time-sensitive storage and transportation logistics and knowledge of international customs.

With so many moving parts, having AmerisourceBergen as your one, integrated partner can make a big difference.

Supply chain planning and patient recruitment challenges

As a manufacturer, you need to be able to:
  • Recruit eligible patient populations
  • Build a logistics platform that can scale up and out
  • Acquire comparator drugs for testing
  • Transport products across borders
  • Efficiently collect and analyze patient data

Regulatory services & Pharmacovigilance

To navigate your product through the complete regulatory approval process with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) you need a partner with expertise in regulatory strategy, dossier authoring, submission preparation and lifecycle management integrated with expert publishing and quality assurance solutions.

You'll also need comprehensive pharmacovigilance and medical information services help ensure compliance with continually evolving regulatory requirements ensuring the highest quality of safety data collection and processing.

AmerisourceBergen provides services including agency interface, pre-submission strategy, product classification, label development, common technical document (CTD) writing or review, support through to authorization post-market lifecycle management, advertising review, regulatory intelligence, training and more.

Let’s work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

Explore the next phase in the commercialization journey

Once a product is approved to go to market, you have to take some time to evaluate the evidence collected and establish a value proposition, brand identity, and messaging strategy. At this stage, designing the right patient support program is key, as is ensuring that patients don't experience cost barriers at the pharmacy or site of care.

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