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Animal Health Solutions

Livestock Management Optimization

At AmerisourceBergen, we offer solutions and expertise to increase the operational success of cattle, swine and poultry operations and manage the health and nutritional needs of animals.

Meeting the 2050 Challenge

By the year 2050, 9.5 billion humans will call Earth their home. To feed our growing population with reduced natural resources, we need to produce more food in the coming decades than in the last 10,000 years. Our solutions allow for better operational efficiency, helping producers use less land and create less waste while caring for livestock.

Protecting our nation’s food supply

Through innovative technology, stringent biosecurity protocols, and our AnimalRx Pharmacy program, we ensure that products used in livestock production are managed through the supply chain in full compliance with, or exceeding, State Regulations.

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Passionate about making a difference

Our portfolio of innovative solutions from Micro Technologies have an impact on two-thirds of all beef products and half of all dairy products consumed in the U.S. These solutions empower food producers at each stage of livestock production to grow a safe, wholesome food supply more efficiently and profitably.

Featured capabilities

Ph.D credentialed expertise

MWI Animal Health’s Technical Services team is a group of highly trained specialists who are experts in water quality, pest management, biosecurity and more. Their expertise extends from testing, consulting, educating and recommending products.

Powering precision animal agriculture

Understanding the animal health, nutrition, safety and ROI challenges food producers face, we provide innovative solutions to conquer these challenges.

Connecting veterinarians and livestock producers

AnimalRx, a fully-licensed livestock pharmacy, fills prescription products labeled in compliance with all Board of Pharmacy laws and delivers them to cattle, swine and poultry producers on behalf of prescribing veterinarians. This important service plays a vital role in the safe production of our food supply by ensuring that livestock health products are properly stored and handled from the moment they leave the manufacturing facility to the moment they arrive at the ranch.

Sustainably feeding a growing planet

We believe technology will make a positive impact on animal protein production with better safety, efficiency and sustainability of natural resources.

Innovation is about empowering

Innovation empowers cattle, swine and poultry producers to grow a safe, wholesome food supply more efficiently and profitably. Contact us to learn how our innovation can fuel your production.