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World Courier Depot in Uruguay

By Jaqueline Escotero

A unique distribution center in South America that combines multimodal transportation, secondary packaging capabilities and best-in-class cold chain facility inside an airport free zone. 


Unlike any other depots in the region, World Courier’s 3PL depot in Montevideo, Uruguay is able to provide effective and cost efficient storage and fast distribution across the entire South American region. Bulk of parcel shipments can be quickly moved to any location in the LATAM region with efficiency, reducing the dependencies of long distance storage facilities and longer transit times. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical manufacturers may benefit from state of the art commercial storage infrastructure and capacity.

Through the Uruguay depot solution, patients experience fewer delays and clinical trial therapy providers gain massive operational benefits. Trials in South America can now be completed with greater speed; helping to deliver broader and better patient access. Essentially, the new Uruguay depot drives collaboration between trials and patients, offering a competitive advantage and innovation in a time-sensitive industry. 

Why is this important and what motivated the launch of this new depot?

Moving patients to receive treatment in sites or hospitals can be a stressful activity, particularly during a pandemic. By bringing temperature-controlled logistics and specialty medicine directly to patient’s homes quickly and safely, World Courier’s Uruguay depot will support therapies and patients in South America with precision, integrity, and care.

Lead times for the delivery of products requiring specialty logistics are now finally reduced – which is critical for both Direct-to-Patient Services and Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) across the region.

Strategically located as a free-trade zone inside the airport, sensitive and expensive products may be moved from the aircraft to a qualified cold chamber within minutes of arrival. Customs duties and taxes are either exempt or minimized. Efficient systems and special regime allow minimum handling and moving with maximum control efficiency.

An overview of the benefits of the Uruguay depot

Tax and legal framework, high security and best-in-class infrastructure are making a great difference and benefiting clinical trials and access to medication across South America.

What kind of track record do we have in dealing with pandemics?

Back in 1985 World Courier already started making a profound difference in our contribution to the advance of medicine by transporting HIV blood samples. Working closely with airlines, developing and demonstrating safe packaging, training staff and stakeholders. We might not have realized it at the time, but we were already establishing ourselves as a strategical partner to global healthcare supply chains.

Currently, our local team in Uruguay continue to prove their ability to complete extensive feasibility checks, mobilize, and scale up at short notice to provide services so that patients receive life-changing treatment on-time. 

Contact our experts today to learn how this Depot can play a vital role in your Supply Chain. 

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