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Whitepaper: False economy - reducing performance in virtual supply chains

By World Courier

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Commercial shipments

When virtual supply chains put business continuity at risk

Excursions can significantly impact a developer's ability to recoup R&D costs, grow revenue, or even effectively treat patients.

The real difference between a 1% and a 0.1% excursion rate

Smaller drug developers are increasingly moving away from the traditional paths of creating their own infrastructure or partnering with a larger, vertically integrated pharma company. Instead, they are constructing virtual supply chains, comprising an ecosystem of globally dispersed partners responsible for manufacturing and distributing a product.
These virtual supply chains are often heavily siloed and localized, and usually prioritized by cost. From a logistics perspective, this presents two problems.

In this whitepaper, we examine why prioritizing cost over precision is simple false economy.

  • How to quantify the costs that stem from an excursion incident
  • Costs of excursions and logistical challenge prior and during the launch phases
  • Mitigating the risk of excursion and countering the effects of fragmentation