White Paper: Mapping the Future of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain for Specialty Drugs

By Christopher Engel

Market success in the pharmaceutical industry is dependent on a multitude of often competing factors. As patients’ expectations and care needs, payer requirements and the regulatory environment evolve, so do marketing, launch and supply strategies. And in an environment so tightly bound by cost containment measures, logistics has been the least regarded area; often planned late, if at all, prone to local regulatory vagaries and squeezed into pre-existing business models.

In this paper we look at potential solutions to create a better supply chain model for the future. Our consultations with leading pharmaceutical stakeholders have highlighted the key challenges and their potential solutions. The continued discussions around, and adoption of, these solutions will ease the transition from existing business models that do not meet the needs of supply or demand, to a system that facilitates the new pharmaceutical landscape.

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Christopher Engel

Commercial Supply Chain Service Director
World Courier
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