E-book: Direct-to-Patient Services for Clinical Trials and Commercial Distribution

By Mike Sweeney |

Increase your pool of appropriate patients and reduce patient drop out rates  

Direct-to-Patient (DtP) revolutionizes clinical trials and commercial drug distribution by delivering the drug or therapy directly to the patient in their own home – reducing the potential challenges that patients may face throughout their treatment.

In our latest e-book, you will gain an understanding of the value that can be created from successfully implementing DtP services. We will guide you through the potential challenges of DtP and how choosing an experienced logistics partner can ensure a smooth transition to this patient-centric delivery model.


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About the Author

Portrait of Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney

Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics
World Courier
Mike is responsible for the development and product management of World Courier’s specialty service offerings across 140 company-owned offices in 50+ countries, with focus on patient-centric areas such as Direct-to-Patient services. Since joining World Courier in 1992, Mike assumed a number of positions within US operations, customer service, training, compliance, marketing, sales and clinical trials management. He progressed to senior roles, including director of US customer service/operations, director of new service development and director of regional accounts, prior to transitioning into a global IT leadership position and most recently into his current role in 2015.
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