Transporting Zika Test Kits

Why World Courier can be trusted … A success story


With the 2016 Olympics kicking off, (find out everything you need to know about logistics during the Olympics here) World Courier is more than ready to face the Zika challenge.

World Courier is transporting Zika diagnostic test kits to and from South America.

Companies trust us to transport and store time- and temperature-sensitive products, and the urgent and sensitive Zika diagnostic test kits are no exception! In the midst of concerns, especially for the well-being of athletes, World Courier’s capability and expertise are another reason to have peace of mind.

Below is a success story that demonstrate World Courier’s unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution.


Success story: Shipping diagnostic kits to and from China

Shipper: One of the Top 10 Medical & Health Groups in China

Shipment lane: BJS-FRAx-UIO- GYE

Item: Diagnostic kits for the Zika virus

Temperature: Frozen

Challenge: The temperature requirement and timeline were very strict.

World Courier’s Solution:

World Courier carefully selected the route and made the decision to clear the product at UIO instead of GYE. World Courier has more staff at UIO, and hence, more control.

World Courier’s operational staff have clear and effective communications with the airline, destination port and trans-port before the shipment. To ensure proper temperature control, World Courier topped up the shipment with dry ice before hand in to the airline. Additionally, World Courier replenished dry ice as soon as the shipment arrived at UIO, even though it was a weekend.

As we like to say, when trust is absolutely essential, there’s only one choice: World Courier.