How Will New Innovations in Specialty Logistics Affect You?

Find out the latest in specialty logistics innovation

What innovations hold the most promise for specialty logistics?


I would say, innovations in the specialty market… geo-tracking, so traditionally we’re monitoring temperature results, but there are new devices available now where we can not only monitor the temperature results but also location, humidity, light sensoring. So those things have come about in recent years, but of course they’re costly. In some cases they’re bulky, they’re too big, so that’s starting to change a little bit now; the devices are becoming smaller and more cost-effective, so I think that’s interesting. Certainly packaging, for sure. Manufacturers of drug and drug ingredients are looking for specific temperature ranges to transport, so there’s now packaging available that can keep specific temperature ranges, whether it’s 2 to 8, or controlled ambient, controlled frozen, and now more recently packaging is becoming lighter, so it’s becoming less expensive as well.