Croatia Flood Relief

World Courier contributes to flood relief efforts in Croatia.

More than 50 people have died in the Balkans as a result of the worst flooding that the region has seen in over a century. Three months’ worth of rain has fallen in just three days, causing catastrophic destruction—over 100,000 homes have been evacuated, with schools and businesses closed as well. Flooding has left locals stranded with little food and water, waiting to be rescued and for the water to recede.

Shocked by the news reports that showed images of people fleeing from the rising water, cattle in flooded fields and villages destroyed in landslides, World Courier Zagreb’s Goran Mikulek immediately contacted the Braniteljski stozer za pomoc Slavoniji (Agency for defence of East Slavonija) to see how World Courier could help.

Anxious to transport aid into the affected area, the agency immediately issued instructions on how World Courier’s logistics expertise could be applied. Mikulek worked with Nikolas Mastin, a World Courier operations associate, to arrange to purchase basic items, including drinking water, clothing, diapers, toiletries and 500 kilograms of bread. World Courier vehicles then joined a convoy arranged by the Udruga specialne policije (special police force agency), with two trucks loaded up by volunteers in Zagreb. World Courier drivers Dragan Rajkovic and Neven Culovic transported these essential items the 300 kilometres into the east of the country, so that they could be distributed to the evacuated families.

Mikulek commented on the coordination and swiftness of the humanitarian efforts. “We saw the images of the disaster and everyone in the company agreed that we had to help with the transport needs,” he said. “Everyone in the Balkans has pulled together in solidarity to help the emergency services and we’re glad we could help. We are proud to be part of these efforts.”