Tara visits Miami for Independence Day

Steve Allicock Operations Manager in Miami went to visit Tara during her stop during 4th July weekend, for a tour of the boat and to meet with the crew. Clearly it was a great day out for everyone, and Steve shared his thoughts with us:

“I must say that this was an exciting experience for me.  No wonder Rainer is so excited about TARA.  Let me quote him; “this is my baby”. I could be so lucky to have been able to spend time on TARA’s Expeditions.”

What was a grand tour has inspired Steve to talk about the future and how Tara will change what we know about the world, and the effects of climate change.

“We live our lives in our heads and sometimes fail to understand what is going on around us.  I have children, and am very concerned for their future and their children’s future on this earth.  The initiative to study the impact that humanity has placed on this earth will greatly benefit our future generations. Absolutely remarkable to see people totally engaged in preserving life on Earth.   God speed to everyone involved in the TARA Expedition.”

The photo is Steve together with Scientist Michel and Captain Samuel aboard TARA in Miami Harbour