Trial Trends and Supply Solutions

Published: Jun 1, 2015
Discussing Inventory Management Challenges and Strategies Around Conducting Global Clinical Trials

In World Courier’s Market Insights podcast series, we lend worldwide expertise to the topics that matter most in global specialty logistics. Joining us for this issue is Gurinder Shinmar, Vice President of Clinical Supply Solutions at World Courier, who will shed light on the inventory management challenges inherent in global clinical trials, as well as strategic considerations for conducting trials in emerging markets.

This podcast will discuss:

  • Changes in the clinical trial landscape
  • Changing expectations around timing and cost efficiencies
  • Key challenges in conducting global trials
  • The future of clinical supply chain
Gurinder Shinmar
Gurinder Shinmar
Vice President, Operations and Clinical Supply Solutions
World Courier

Gurinder Shinmar is vice president, operations and clinical supply solutions at World Courier, heading the global depot network team, which is responsible for quality control and material management. He has spent the last 25 years in pharmacy and clinical operations both in the U.S., and more recently in the UK. Gurinder earned his pharmacy degree from King's College, University of London, UK and an MBA from Imperial College, London, UK.